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It's not jungle, but...


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Well.....it's really fuckin' good! Best thing I've heard from you yet Evan.
The mixing is sounds perfect, and that bassline is sick.
The only thing I would change is the "Please leave a message..." sample. Get rid of it...sounds out of place and unnecessary.
Other than that, I'm really impressed. Keep up the good work.

DJ Doublecross

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Nice one Evan! This one is downright amazing, especially considering you're still just starting out. You've definitely come a long way.

Did you do this on your home computer?


evil homer

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nice one evan

really like the percussion around 1:50 (and 2:40 and especially 6:40). What program did you use to make the first tone? sounds like something I used in music class.

ps - Im coming to TO this week, wed-sat, i'll bring some records but lets go party, I lost your email, hit me up djevilhomer@hotmail.com


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Thanx mah bwoyz

Hehe! I really appreciate the comments guys! Big ups!

Tools used to make this track:

-P III, 800 MHz, 384 Mb Ram /w Logic Platinum 4.7
-Roland JV-2080
-Roland HS-60 (Juno 106 /w speakers)
-EXS24 (virtual sampler)
-and a couple of secret weapons....

keep the feedback commin'!

p.s. here homer: d_cypher@junglist.com
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