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it's almost the weeeeeekend!


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tonight ~ got my hair did, hang out with one of my girls
tomorrow ~ hot date
saturday ~ beaches, wondering, bday party, and some racewalkin
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After a long visit in H-town with the 'rents, I came back to the city and kicked off the weekend nicely with a nice bottle of wine and some great eats (mmmm speck) at Terroni with Michael. :)

Today: Lunch with Skippah

Tonight: Dunno yet

Saturday: Get highlights (4.5 month roots....), visit in-laws, see parents (who miss me immensely already, I expect. ha)

Saturday p.m.: Visit about-to-burst friend in Oakville one last time before baby #2 arrives

Sunday: Get ready for new gig (eeeep nervous) - may or may not involve locating business "casual" items to add to wardrobe (suit dressing really is so much easier :S )
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tonight: yoga, satsang, sleeeeeeeeeep
tomorrow: kung fu, Doors Open, Green Toronto Festival, Groove Assassin
sunday: church, shopping, Carrassauga

all the above might be forfeited if I decide to go hang out in the country, have a hot tub and watch the hockey game with my parents. game time decisions in full effect this weekend.


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Tonight - do some work at home, laundry
Saturday - possibility of a focus group, Carassauga, Groove Assassin (maybe)
Sunday - gardening


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deveator said:
FRi- Dinner at Spice route for friends b-day

Report back on how that is. I'm kind of want to go there with a bunch of the laaaadies for drinks and hanging out after next weekend, but I'd like to know what the crowd is like before I suggest it and kill the night.
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tonight: making pie and cooking dinner for my sweethearts, then going to see some live music (like guitars and shit.)

Saturday through Monday: no guitars allowed in Detroit!


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tonight: dinner & movie with mah cousin

saturday: work (booo), dinner with the bro and fams, making love (& dirty fun) at the club with the girls

sunday: no work (whee! thats a first!), brunching, rockclimbing and/or biking on the island, work on resume while baking. wheee!

The Watcher

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Tonight: Indiana Jones DrunknStoned @ Paramount's late late show.
Tomorrow: Day in the park with the poopster, meet with a realtor, then a bunch of bday parties.
Sunday: Day in the park with the poopster, patio fun!


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Tonight: work
Tomorrow: get more house stuff organized, Medieval Times (wtf?)
Sunday: organize house stuff, watch boy's mom sing in a choir (wtf?), dinner with the inlaws.

rave on raver.

rave on.
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Hawk Eye

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Tonight: sign lease for apartment, possibly hang with the boy
Saturday: Start packing for the move/wedding reception
Sunday: pack some more.


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Friday - Rollarblading followed by beers in the hood
Saturday - lending a hand with some home renos followed by dinner and drinks at 7 numbers
Sunday - Brunch at the Boiler house followed by a round of golf or art supply shopping so we can create our own artwork for home.


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Krzysiu said:
medival times? you're so lucky!!!

Wouldn't go that far

At the beginning of April my company organized a two day training session (flying in people from vancouver, calgary and montreal), and we did the medieval times thing. It was the EXACT SAME STORYLINE from when I was last there in 2002. On a plus note, I got to sit beside a hottie mchotterson, which made the evening tolerable.

Well, while I'm here...

Today: Dive into some downtown shenanigans this afternoon, see where the wind takes me

Tommorrow: Check out some of the Open Doors exhibits (not missing lower bay station!), and will be promptly sitting my ass in front of a TV for 7:55pm for Game #1 of the Stanley Cup Finals...GO PENS! Bday tomfoolery to follow @ IV Lounge;)

Sunday: Mebbe a play date with a certain Polish girl and her hot party girl friends.
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starr said:
susur & studying

due to some unbelievable circumstances i had to cancel susur :(

so now my only 'event' on the weekend will be chelsea room on saturday.
hope to see some of you there?
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me neither.

if i wasn't taking 2 small children i would get wasted, which would make it about a million times more fun, i imagine.
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Tonight: Hang out with the family
Tomorrow: Cousin's wedding
Sunday: Hang out, get messy with friends
Monday: Move to B.C.


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studying, studying, cleaning, writing an exam, studying, writing an essay, studying, RACEWALKING, studying, studying, writing.

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