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It's Alll Good!!!


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Dispite some problems with the owner of the bar (and the fact that somebody left a big turd in the urinal!!!) we had an awesome turnout. A big thanks to all who came for making It's Alll Good such a big success and also to those who made donations and picked up some CD's. Thanks also to the NIICE crew for laying down some of the best deep house/house in the city!!

We do want to apologize to those who had to wait in line, unfortunately we were at capacity for most of the night (the owner of the bar capped it at around 100 people) and couldn't let as many people as we wanted to in. Never fear though, as the turnout indicates that it is time to look for a bigger space so everyone will be able to come out and enjoy!!!
See you all at the next one.



P.S. If anyone knows of a good space that holds around 200 people and is a reasonable cost can you drop me a line? Thanks.