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It's All Gone Pete Tong!

2 The Beat

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Great movie! It is rare that I walk out of a movie saying "Ferry Corsten sounds really good."

Without revealing anything, it is a painful/hilarious/heartwarming/headonistic good time.

It does a nice visual representation of mixing too which is especially cool for people don't totally understand it.

Marketing people in dance music are well worth a good laugh, and there are plenty at their expense here. Awesome.
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It's been getting great reviews (2 thumbs up too I think). Made by a Montreal guy. (So is it cancon? Guess so! Alright!)

Haven't seen it yet though, although yes, it's supposed to have some whacked out hilarious moments...
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Saw it last night. Write / Director was supposed to be there (and speak?) but he didn't make it obvious who he was nor did he say anything afterwards. It was alright. The beginning bits were very funny. It had the feeling of Spinal Tap. Towards the middle the whole thing gets muddled by story line, but it wraps up well and overall is a good party film.




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I thought this was an unbelievably good film. Maybe I'm on the wrong thread, but I'm surprised it hasn't received more attention on Tribe. Everybody here can relate to this movie!! Such a powerful story. It's AWESOME.


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Originally posted by smack
Wicked movie
That trance music video was hilarious!

Ha!!! that was funny... I just caught this yesterday and it was funny. Yeah the part where they show him using the tables is pretty cool.
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Originally posted by HouseHeadSacha
a calgary guy who now lives/works in montreal....same guy who made FUBAR.

(yes i got this from the eye or now)
you are correct sir...adn the gusy from fubar are in this...play german producers....the one guy is the on the drums in the recording studio...
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Jen and I saw it tonight - she liked it more than she thought she would and I liked it less than I thought I would.... :)

Still enjoyable though - we went out for sushi after and reminisced about the old clubbing days when we first met. awww

TaCk OnE?

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the website offers such insights into the history of Frankie Wilde's carrer as, that he used to toss off pensioners in order to afford records.

I thought it was a fun movie...definitely recommend it....not the worlds greatest, but a good time, original, and just what the summer ordered.



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Went to see it on Friday, and I went in having high expectations (no pun intended)...and I wasn't disappointed.

Loved everything about the movie, and oh how many of us can relate when he was trying to cue up that next track...lol.

Can't remember all the classic lines from the movie (again, no pun), but there were some ridiculous dialogue moments.

This one will be in my DVD collection for sure, and I'm still waitin' on my poster...;)
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glych t.anomaly

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this movie was fucking brilliant, i had no idea what to expect

and was completely fucking blown away, i loved it, the humour was so well executed, the absurdity, everything it was fuckgin insane, but so so fuckgin funny.

i swear to god i thought the actor playign franke wilde looked like richie gone mad, chugging from 26r's

all in all 2 thumbs up, 5 outta 5

im so fuckin glad i saw it in the theatre



edit - i want the soundtrack


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Geoff Pevere

Did anyone else see Geoff Pevere's review on Reel to Real? Not his thoughts on the film, but his opinion of dance culture in general....I believe it went something like "An extremely superficial culture filled with extremely superficial people." The female co-host (Katrin Onstad) typified party-goers as "odious".



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so glad I saw it during the film fest... wish It wasn't playing then at 9:30am though... going to see it again now that it's at the paramount...

there ya go Billy!


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caught this show last saturday - what a treat!! everything was executed perfectly from the script to the camera work - and Frankie Wilde reminded me of Brad Copeland in some ways.... similar body structure and funny one liners.

i would most definitely rent this movie - so many layers to it and it wasn't as superficial at all - only when the movie was mocking aspects of the scene.

big lol to Britian's "double fc*k off finger" - I sooo love it..... almost a FOCKER/DeNiro move - 'I've got my eyes on you'.

definitely a must see.
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