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It's A New Jack Thang (Classic 80's/90's Party RnB)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Illuminati, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

    So, I have been having a lot of fun on the decks again recently and just though I'd start sharing it. This was kind of a random something I cooked up yesterday as I was just rifling through some tracks.

    Any who. A lot of nostalgia that'll hopefully bring a few smiles to a few faces.


    C-Mart - NewJackMix - Curt Martin - SoundCloud


    Every Little Step-Bobby Brown
    Rolling With Kid n Play-Kid n Play
    Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg-TLC
    What About Your Friends-TLC
    All For Love-Color Me Badd
    Do Me-BBD
    Groove Me-Guy
    Looking For A New Love-Jody Watley
    New Jack Swing-Wreckx n Effect
    Humpin' Around-Bobby Brown
    My Perogative-Bobby Brown
    Rub You The Right Way-Johnny Gill
    Iesha-Another Bad Creation
    Motownphilly-Boyz II Men
    What Have You Done For Me Lately-Janet Jackson
    Just Got Paid-Johnny Kemp
    Feels Good-Tony Toni Tone
  2. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    You should make this downloadable from your soundcloud page
  3. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

    Yeah, though it was by default but it wasn't. Well, it is now!

    Thanks, Alex!
  4. DeepSix

    DeepSix TRIBE Promoter

    Can't believe a thing about the New Jack Swing :D

    Love it.
  5. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

    I am gonna take this down soon, so if anyone still wants to grab this then do it soon.

  6. DeepSix

    DeepSix TRIBE Promoter

    Thanks for the warning - I totally forgot to DL it!

  7. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    I'll download it tomorrow. (Can't right now, as I'm on a public computer.)
  8. Illuminati

    Illuminati TRIBE Member

    No worries, Swiss Chalet.
  9. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    Thanks, Curt.

    I hope you're well.

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