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it`s about that time....your vote for Label of the year!


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Good looking out Sentence

Yes the Zulu records have been dope. Have you heard Drenched # 5 yet. Jay Tripwire dropped it in Hamilton a few weeks back, serious deep dubby tech. Awesome!!!!!!, the bass was amazing. I could imagine what that would have sounded like on a really big system. By the way Jay will be in town soon!!!!!!



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even though I might get much critizisim I think that Subliminal and all of it's imprints did an amazing job this year...especailly with the Thick D's release which turned out to be a sleeper hit!

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Blackjack. (Most of their best stuff ends up being sold to us by Defected, and under their name - but was originally released by Blackjack.)

Also worthy of mention - Bunchlox.



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These labels consistently served it on a regular basis
(altho' I may not have liked EVERYTHING they released)

1) Lodown / Doubeldown (same company)
2) Q
3) Yoshitoshi
4) Bunchlox

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Bunchlox!A sweet realease i got off that label has a big popa sample on the inside cut.crowd is lovin it every time i play it:D