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It must be addressed..No one went to Digital Dreams?


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So, I didn't go last year, but I really enjoyed all the complaints.I didn't go this year as well, but I was hoping for something similar this year, but there is no mention of it anywhere. Seriously, did no one go?

The Watcher

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I went by on the saturday to see if I could buy a ticket at the door, the scalpers were buying tickets for 75$ and selling them for 350 for 1 day on the saturday around 4pm.

I was trying to buy 3 tickets and the lowest the scalper would go is 325/ticket if I bought 3...

So I didn't go in, glad I didn't at this point.

Klubmasta Will

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it was my favourite party of the year. much improved over last year in almost every way. it's not for everybody, but if you can handle being part of a massive and diverse crowd (young, old, newbie, veteran and everything in between) all going bonkers to an epic stage/soundsystem, with awesome visuals, pyro, fireworks, et al., featuring an incredible line-up of dj talent, then you would have a blast.

i dig parties of all shapes and sizes. this is the only can't miss event of the year for me.

watcher - buy a ticket early next year!
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Not my bag at all - but the music thrown down at the Sampled party on Sat night was off the hook!!!!! Crowd was the craps though.


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Not my bag at all - but the music thrown down at the Sampled party on Sat night was off the hook!!!!! Crowd was the craps though.
That was a great party. Didn't like the $11 tall cans/$8 Heinekens and it seemed to get more expensive as the night when on.

Aaron Bradley

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I was at 2nd city that night so my only interaction with this party was with the 16-18 year olds who took the train to the party... wow!

I've never seen so many kids get on a train looking that whacked ever. All wearing tank tops and ribbons around their heads and talking about not eating yet... LOL
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Sal De Ban

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lol precisely - good point. although I don't recall Bittersweet ever selling 45,000 tickets or advertising on billboards/subway posters.


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For big crowds, I think Sensation White was WAY more fun. DD did have some big names, but the crowd/cost was hard to deal with ...

Sensation's visuals were stunning. Loved being a part of that. Horrible line ups for washrooms/drinks, but yes - the experience of being there, plus the talent - I think next year I'll save the $ & skip out on DD altogether.

Besides, 1 day is really ENOUGH at this point ;)

One note about DD, however ... Porter Robinson was pretty damn sweet.
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DEMF for me is such a great party. I went to Digital Dreams last year and found it to be one big clusterfuck of stupid.

I heard they worked the kinks out this year to make it a positive event.

Last year really ruined it for me..... I might try again in 2014.

DEMF is more my speed. I can only hope that Toronto eventually get their event to be as cool as Detroit.

Here's hoping.
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