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TaCk OnE?

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please get at me with the new crew page log in....it's not what it used to be.

we need to discuss the ideas I have for the party etc before it slips away.

torontojungle.com emails are down...email tack157@hotmail.com


ps...Kris, you're a dick face.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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TaCk: new access info was emailed awhile ago. didn't hear back from you or Victor so we thought we'd been left to our own devices. there's been some good progress being made in key areas. check your email. lets sync up and get it on.


ps meet me at the bar at bittersweet. I will bury you!


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yah, the torontojungle.com emails went down when we took teh site off-line, and nobodys gotten around to building a new email server for the new site....so that's why we never got them.

I'll get back in the mix later this weekend.

as for bittersweet, bring a shovel...if not to bury me with, then to perhaps remove some of the bullshit that seems to build up around you...haha. ;)



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yes, my shovel has many uses. what would I ever do without it?

unfortuneately for you however, my backhoe will be in full effect for this event.