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Israel's War on Children


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Bullets fly as bitter Ramallah children return to ransacked classrooms
By Chris Foley
Agence France-Presse

RAMALLAH — Ramallah children returning to school after Israel's occupation of their town say they despair for their future as they face a crippled education system, key exams in doubt and teachers unable to reach classes.
Some say they even have to dodge bullets to get to class, as Israeli occupation troops still surround Yasser Arafat's headquarters in the town.

“The Israelis don't want us to learn, they only want themselves to be educated,” said a bitter Ahmad Maher, 15, a student at Ramallah Boys Secondary School, as he surveyed the destruction in his classroom.

School records, furniture and equipment were destroyed during the three-week occupation, libraries ransacked and obscenities scrawled across the blackboards and walls.

The devastation has sparked a determination among students to overcome the odds while filling them with a grim outlook for their future.

“Before I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grow up, but now I want to join the army,” said Shehdah Faisal, 12.

“They destroyed everything; they are killers. I hate Israelis because of this, but I will make more effort to study and to graduate.”

In the rubble-strewn offices of the ministries of education and higher education, where all computers have been destroyed and hard drives taken, a handful of staff have begun the task of restoring the shattered education system.

Among the missing documents are crucial bank gaurantees from the European Commission and other international donors for education projects, including the building of new schools.

An immediate concern at the education ministry is the destruction of the examinations department. The Tawjihi examination, the final secondary exam needed to graduate to university is set for the first week of June.

“This is a very important step for the children, for this is the filter for higher education and, if we are not able to complete this, it is a disaster for 45,000 to 50,000 students,” said Basri Saleh, the education ministry's director general of planning.

At the Ramallah Boys Secondary School, principal Mohammad Elmtur counted the human and education toll.

He said one 16-year-old student, Murad Awaisa, was beaten and then shot dead by soldiers two days after the occupation began, while three pupils were wounded. He added that he had not heard from 90 students.

Although the military pulled out of Ramallah three days ago, troops remain around Arafat's besiged compound and a night-time curfew is in force in the area.

“When I started to come to school, soldiers shot towards me,” said Nader Rebhi, 15, who left home before the curfew was lifted in his determination to get to classes, which started at 7:00am (0400 GMT).

“I hid behind some mounds of stones until the soldiers went away, and then I walked one hour to school.”

Of 850 Palestinian National Authority schools across the West Bank, at least 50 were totally unusable after being occupied by the Israelis as military barracks and prisons, Saleh said.

Although schools reported an 85 per cent return of pupils when classes opened on Tuesday, hundreds of teachers living outside the main centres were denied passage past Israeli checkpoints to get to classes.

Universities remain closed, but Deputy Minister of Higher Education Hisham Kuhail said they could reopen by Saturday.

“What makes me angry is why are they doing this,” Kuhail said, sitting in the minister's office because his own was a mess of broken furniture and windows.

“If they came and asked to search we would have let them check that there is no terrorist, quote unquote, material here. But they came to destroy, not to search.”

In his ministry, computers on every floor were piled into a heap and blown up on April 19, he said.

“In one hour they destroyed $298,000 of equipment from donor aid. This is what makes me angry. International taxpayers money is gone and now they have to pay again,” he said, adding that all computer-held information had been backed up and was not lost.

At the tender age of 10, Awari School pupil Ahmad Gasser could already foresee his future after watching his friend Ali Kcheer shot and wounded a day before the withdrawal.

“I want to be a doctor, but when I grow up there will be war,” he said.


Yet another example of Israel's barbaric tactics that you wont here about on CNN, NBC, CBS, or anything "respected" news network.

They wonder why there is so much hate against them. They say Hamas and the PLO teach hate. Hypocrites!!!

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Originally posted by Chaos

“Before I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grow up, but now I want to join the army,” said Shehdah Faisal, 12.

“They destroyed everything; they are killers. I hate Israelis because of this, but I will make more effort to study and to graduate.”
israel is digging it's own grave with these actions.... :( bad for all. :(


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Re: Re: Israel's War on Children

Originally posted by Rosey

israel is digging it's own grave with these actions.... :( bad for all. :(

you know that and I know that but the majority will never hear about this....it's truly a shame especially when children are involved.

I have no faith in mankind, government, or peoples goodwill it's a shame when you can't trust your neighbour cause they're the ones killing you, hating & opressing you...everyone has an agenda.

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im past feeling angry about this anymore... theres nothing any of us can do anyway...


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it's really sad that children in the middle east have to grow up worrying about whether they will be shot as they are going to school, or blown to pieces when they're playing in the park. These are kids, they shouldn't have to reflect on their own mortality or announce their desire to kill other people. Truly sad.:(


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Israel will stop to exist once the United States are no longer a super power.

This is just a prediction.