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Wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but figured the house forum might be the best - just completed "building" (more like assembling) a isolator to add to my rig (1200's, cdj's and rane 2016 combo). The guts came from a guy in Sweden (Bozure.com - Custom Made, Standard and DIY Professional Rotary DJ-Mixers) - not looking to go all Joe Claussell on tracks but thought it might be a fun addition. So far I am liking a lot. Sounds great, and is fun to play with. Anyone else play/have one as part of their set up?


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ok i found the price $225!

i think i'm going to get one

what's included? can someone with zero technical knowledge (me) build one?


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I have 0 technical knowledge as well. There are step by step instructions on the site. The tough thing to find is the enclosure. I paid probably too much for mine but couldn't find one in Toronto (didn't look that hard - just ordered one from the USA that was kinda expensive). Active surplus has most of what you need. Sounds amazing. Been really impressed. The difference between a isolator and my eq on my rane is huge. Been fun to play with and was a fun project. Pern is a great guy and makes quality stuff.


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I got everything in the introductory offer he had. Might be able to still get it. Check out the blog.


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That looks awesome. I have always wanted an isolator.... Did it come with a power supply? Or is that extra?


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Bozure ISO-1 Specs:
- Low / Mid / High. 10Hz-250Hz / 250Hz-4000Hz / 4000Hz- 25000Hz.
- +8dB or +13dB Max gain versions (Signal Gain with potentiometer at max).
- High Quality ALPS RK27 Potentiometers ("Blue Velvet").
- AC In: 18V AC.
- PCB Size: 23.3cm * 16.0cm / 9.2" * 6.3"

The sound is great - I got the +8db max gain version and that is more than enough. will post some pics - the power supply is not included. I ended up ordering the recommended one from a music shop in San Fran, but I think you could probably find one at Active Surplus - I had forgotten about that place.

Check out this link - Bozure.com - Custom Made, Standard and DIY Professional Rotary DJ-Mixers - It gives step by step instructions on "building" a isolator - mine looks just like that. There are also youtube videos of demo's if you search Bozure. He also has a facebook page with lots of information. And like I mentioned, Pern (the builder) was a great guy to deal with.


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Bit more information:

Filter Slopes: 24dB

Components used: ALPS RK27 (Blue Velvet) Potentiometers / Carbon Film Resistors / ELNA Silmic II Caps (Audio).