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ISAAC AURELE - Summer Series 2016


TRIBE Member
I can't take credit for this set entirely. I saw some of these tracks played, and I wanted to put my own version together.


1. Adryiano - Moccassin Groove
2. Alex Blond - Quick Thought
3. ANNA - Freedom (Original Mix) Tronic
4. Durtysoxxx, Dantiez Saunderson - Booty Call (Spartaque Remix)
5. Gaga - Test (Original Mix)
6. Lee Walker - Gotta Get (Jacky (UK) Remix)
7. Loco & Jam - Delusion (Original Mix)
8. Marco_Bailey-Sniper_Joey_Beltram_Remix
9. SATTVA PROJECT - Blind (D-Unity Remix)

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