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Is this what you folks are on about?


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So I d/l'd this past weekend's Essential Mix. I'd never heard of the artist before - Switch. I checked out the tracklisting:

The Essential Mix Tracklist: 11/01/2004


Quincy Jones : Ironside (Taken From The Kill Bill Soundtrack)
Part One : I'm So Crazy (Credence)
Missy Elliot : For My People (Accapella) (Elektra)
ParT One : Medicine Remix (Credence)
Delicious Inc : Freecall (Sandy Riviera Remix) (Purple Music)
Fatboy Slim : Song For Shelter (Accapella) (Skint)
Jon Cutler : It¹S Yours (Chez Music)
Basement Jaxx : Just One Kiss (Jaxx Nite Dub) (Xl Recordings)
Switch : Get Ya Dub On (Freerange Records)
Saint Germain : Rogue Rouge (Floorplay Records)
Saint Germain : Rose Rouge (Blue Note)
Nepa Allstars : The Way (Red Clay)
Romanthony : Bring You Up (Glasgow Underground)
Solid Groove : Flookin¹ (Loungin¹)
95 North : Jaz Trak (Groove On Records)
Seiji : Joakim Lone Octet Remix (Bittasweet)
Subject : Stepback (Freerange)
Seiji : Loose Lips (Bittasweet)
Qtip : Breathe And Stop (Accapella) (Elektra)
Trevor Loveys : U Know It (Solid Groove Remix) (Freerange)
Kenny Dope : Percussive (Maw)
Kaori : Good Life (Good Vocal Mix) (Pias)
Pepe Bradock : Peer Pressure (Bbe)
Roots Manuva : Dub Styles (Big Dada)
Neptunes Present Snoop Dog : It Blows My Mind (Arista)
Neptunes Present Roscoe P.Coldchain : Hot (Arista)
Missy Elliot : Let It Bump (Elektra)
Jay Z : Justify My Thug (Roc-A-Fella)
Ludacris : Saturday (Ooohoooh) (Def Jam)
Missy Elliot : Spelling Bee (Elektra)
Missy Elliot : Pump It Up (Elektra)
Clipse : Blaze Of Glory (Arista)
Switch : Skweeze (Switch)
Missy Elliot : Wake Up (Elektra)
Jay Z : Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Roc-Afella)
Missy Elliot : Pass That Dutch (Elektra)
Joe Budden Feat. Red Man And Method Man : Fire (Def Jam)
Audio Bully¹S : Way To Long (Switch Remix) (Source/Virgin)
Chemical Brothers : Get Yourself High (Switch Remix) (Virgin)
Basement Jaxx : Right Here¹S The Spot (Switch Mix) (Xl)
Future Shock : Late At Night (Switch Mix) (Parlaphone)
Roy Davis Junior : It¹S All About Love (Solid Groove Remix) (Classic)
And thought it was some kind of hip-hop/house thing. But upon an initial skim through, it seems like it's more towards what I would expect UK Garage to be. House-y elements, bumpin' basslines, and little break-y feeling.

Sounds like decent party music anyway, and I'm enjoying it.

If you're curious as to what it sounds like, you can listen to the mix at the Radio 1 site.


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UKG is a "hip hop/house thing!" :)

There's just such a wide array of available styles that fit under the UKG umbrella. To put it simply, ukg is a melting pot of the best elements of almost every type of music you can think of. That might be a bit of an ambitious statement, but to those of us that love it, it rings true.

Glad to see somebody else expressing some intrest in a genra that gets far less attention in North America than it deserves.

Peace Ira


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...that's more of an ecletic mix kind of thing than a UKG mix...none of those tracks could really be defined as UKG although it is an ambitious set...


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The Q-Tip acapella over Seiji's "Loose Lips" works really nicely. I'm more interested in this mix now that I've heard a bit. I was ready to write it off after just seeing the tracklist...


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I listened to the first 15 minutes or so, and thus would like to revise my initial statement. The tempo is a bit slow to be UKG persay, but I see the tracklisting changes things up a bit further down.

I dunno, wait till the end of the day and you'll get a lot more feedback. Either way it's always good expanding your musical tastes, esp in Toronto's cliqué-y scene.
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Very sweet. Very urban.

Thanks for the link...it will not go to waste.

I wonder what people on the Hip Hop forum would think.