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Is this bad?


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The same thing was happening to me in the winter for about 3 months, a few mornings every week (on weekdays).
I have a close friend who is an ER nurse, and she told me that it was caused by a combination of things....

Stress- The worst culprit- it causes xtra stomache acid, and if you go to bed stressed with little in your somache, it will sit there irritating you- if you could sleep for longer, your body would work on neutralizing the acid- I think this was my problem because i was going to school in the winter and sleeping 4-5 hours a night.
Also, if you eat a big meal before bed, your digestive system works very slowly at night, and when you wake up after only a few hours of sleep, you haven't had enough time to digest everything from the night before...

Lactose intolerance- what could be left churning in your stomache is the stuff you do not have the enzymes to digest, like milk products, etc. and that's all that's in your stomache- It doesn't feel good, and just wants to exit your body fast-
I found that a piece of toast and tea helped alot.

Smoking- usually smokers produce xrta stomache acid anyway, so a smoke first thing in the morning can push your already acid stomache over the edge....

DT's- like someone mentioned before, your body can also be suffering from cravings for nicotine & alcohol if you were partying the night before- on the weekend, you would probably sleep through this hangover, but you are more sensitive to it after only a few hours of sleep.

.......anyhow, i found that the best cure was to drink a glass of water before bed, wait a while for a ciggarette after waking up, or
Pepcid AC acid controller pills are great- a little pill lasts for 12 hours- these always work for me!

i think the main cause is stomache acid that you could normally deal with if you had more regular rhythms :) good luck!


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the drinking heavily the night before might have something to do with it....>?
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Maybe if you didnt do this so much you'd be fine:


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cheer, you might wanna check with a doctor to make sure your valves aren't deteriorating. My friend used to have beliemmia (SP?) and he puked so much that it corroded that valve that prevents stomach acid from coming up your pipe.

Also, he found out that he had a small ulcer too. You might wanna get that checked out too cause vomiting can be an early indication of an ulcer... or so my friend has told me.

Take care


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That valve gives my momma problems too...

Think its called the Hiatus Hernia..

If you get heartburn alot that can be reason...