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Is this a fire hazard?

Dirty Girl

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as you will see from the pic below, i just bought these curtains/sheers. but as you will see they hang right to touching the heater. the heaters get really hot.
Do you think they could catch on fire?


I have my couch sitting right next to one and it hasnt caught on fire, and I have a wire running over the top of the other one and it hasnt caught on fire either.

and can someone please come steam them and get the wrinkles out for me please :p
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It might be a good idea to shorten them by a couple of inches just in case. Easy sewing project - or - you could use Nemi's iron on stuff. :)

As for steaming, take'em in the can with you next time you have a shower. :D


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If that thing gets really hot and it's some cheap fabric, yes. Shorten them. Just fold them up and pin them or something because something tells me, you won't be taking them down again to sew a hem. lol

There's that curtain tape where you can fold the bottom of the curtain. Ionno, go to Home Depot or something.


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looks to be a hydronic heat , hot water , rad - and if so - no worries . if electric baseboard rad then i would lift those window coverings a few inches .my guess from appearance is that the rad is hot water . boiler heat .
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