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is there still snow?


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want to visit your side of the country for some boarding, but am unable to get there until beginning of april. will there still be decent snow? last year at this time it was bunk ass. but still a thousand times better than blue mountain.

doing the usual whistler/blackcomb, but also adding Mt. washington on the island and Spence and i are making a mission to Mt. Baker, which i have been dying to ride for years.....
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yeah man... whister is open until may, and you can still ride the glacier until june... closed july through november... plenty of snow left in april....


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Last I heard Baker had a base of over 600cms.
Washington has around 450

I was just on Blackcomb today and there is lots of snow, about 290 base. The sun was out all day and it really felt like the beginning of a great and very long spring season.

This year has totally made up for last year.


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Whoot whoot more snow

Mt washington just broke the 500 cm mark again thismorning.

Backbreaker: I do special events at Washington and am there every friday-sunday so if you want someone to ride with and show you around up there get incontact with me before you arrive.
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Oi Erik!

The locals (Cypress, Seymour and Grouse) have been having a great season for snow. Got a big dump this week actually. Whistler's having a great year too.... got something like 400+ cm in January alone. Baker is Baker. The land of snow, snow and more snow.... can never go wrong there. Not sure what Mt Washington is doing. Holla at me when your in town.... Spence has got my #!