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is there already a greatest breakthroughs of the 20th century or greatest successes?


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if there is, oh well, i missed it so here is my input:

Salman Rushdie

the growth of democracy and the human rights movement

toppling apartheid and bringing down "the wall"

the Beatles

the creation of the syntesizer (without which there would be no electronic music and perhaps no tribe board)



conceptually, the formation of the U.N. - even though it has flopped massively in recent years, effort does get some points with me and I think we're better off with it (at this point) then without

the comeback of the windmill

and the invention of penicillin
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Originally posted by todiefor
Salman Rushdie

Please, Khomeini did him a favour. Guy writes a complete snoozefest of a book in "midnight's children."

Writes a weekly editorial in the Times of India which 80% of the nation finds impossible to read and stay awake through.

Has one controversial paragraph in another snoozefest of a book.

His life is going nowhere. He's a has been.

Then...fatwa placed. All of a sudden, he's part of the elite having-sex-with-hot-fashion-models massive, gets centre stage treatment at U2 concerts world wide. Is the very first guest on Late Night With Chevy Chase.

The Ayatollah gave him a whole new lease of life.
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Re: Re: is there already a greatest breakthroughs of the 20th century or greatest successes?

Originally posted by Soundstream
Usually a "breakthrough" with this item would be considered a failure. ;)
Bwahahahahahaha! :D