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Is there a maximum hold hairspray WITHOUT the smell?


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so... I'm on the search for a maximum hold hairspray that does not smell to high heaven.

Is there such a product? Thought that this was the perfect place for the post.

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the only hairspray that I buy is Sebastian Shaper. Incredible hold, and it actually has a pleasant smell!! You can get it at Cosmetic World, and I think it's about $12.99... The bottle lasts me about 6 months, because you only need a tiny bit.
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Prickly Pete

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Michlerish said:
maybe you should stop being such a girly-man and use an unscented gel, wax or pommade instead.

do people still use pommade?

There are men's hairsprays that are unscented... my dad uses hairspray to keep his come over in place... i guarentee that is unscented...


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I think that Pantene makes some unscented products, but I'm honestly not sure. I'd have to agree though, finding hairsprays that are unscented is hard. Try asking the cosmetologist at Shoppers Drug Mart. They usually know their products pretty well.
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