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Is there a board for metal music or...


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...does no one here really listen to it?

Not necessarily the growl lyric death metal, but there are some really good progressive metal bands out there
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thank you, and nothing wrong with growl lyrics specifically, I just find it takes away from some of the awesome melody and guitar work in some of the songs. Opeth has many tunes I love but the growl lyrics take away from it IMO.
Although that being said, I am open to any new bands/songs and will try anything new :)
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww I don't really like the reebok pump rock, but here's some nice 'current' heavy bands that I'm feeling and recommend you check out:

Every Time I Die
Evergreen Terrace
Fear Before The March Of Flames
Sawmill Valley (local)

That should keep you busy. Listen to 2 songs from each band and call me in the morning


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I think there are a good chunk of metal / heavy progressive rock fans on the board.

like me.

but I guess I have no good message boards in my back pocket, sorry.
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