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Is the new Die Hard movie worth seeing?


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I had no idea one was even out until someone mentioned seeing it listed at the theater down here in SA today....
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Decent Bruce Willis movie, awful Die Hard sequel.

We were amused since the action sequences were nicely executed, not going overboard with the CGI, and showing pretty of innocents getting caught in some of the mayhem. Great car chase sequence, but other than that, laughable dialogue and a pretty silly idea for a story.

The last Die Hard (Live Free or Die Hard) was way, way better than this.

Klubmasta Will

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the reviews are so bad that i won't bother seeing this in the theatre.

too bad too cuz, as mentioned, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (which was also PG-13) was pretty damn good.

the original DIE HARD is still obviously the best. DIE HARD 2, which i loved at the time, does not hold up as well today.


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whoa if you're boycotting it in the theatre it must be bad. i'll wont' even torrent that shit, wait till it comes on showcase or something. :D