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Is sexuality an issue for you?


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Opticalm, that was exactly what I was trying to say.
Thanks for putting it more eloquently than I know how to. :)
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Originally posted by lok
I said half naked Pronny. Shirtless.

we're also talking about numbers here.

okay, couple jabs

some quips

maybe a dig.

but after a couple years of it constantly, somewhat of a daily occurance, fuck just let it die man. dont worry, someone will take your place.

sorry bro, it was all meant with love.


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Originally posted by mingster
but is it pigeonholing really?

you are gay (i think) so it would make sense that joking about your sexuality would be geared toward certain activities. now, if the intention is just to joke about sexual activities, keeping in mind that they might be different from straight activities, how is that really different than joking with a straight person?

we're talking about immasculating and demeaning, not sex jokes. im fine with sex jokes. theres a difference.

and ming, I dont think you have a grasp of this because your standard of respect for people is way beyond it. when you make a joke, you know its a joke.


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Originally posted by lok
we're talking about immasculating and demeaning, not sex jokes. im fine with sex jokes. theres a difference.

gotcha. i guess that's what i was getting down to. :)
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Hawk Eye

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What's really annoying with me is that this one guy I work with always jokes about me being a lesbian for some weird reason even though i'm straight. I find it offensive. I'm comfortable with my sexuality, i am not attracted to girls at all.

I find a woman's body beautiful.
I can comment if a women is good looking or not.
I can sit on a girls lap
I've kissed my best friend just bc i wanted to see what it was all about lol and we are both straight.

That is getting really annoying.

ex. i was at a party and sat on that guys lap bc there were no chairs available and then he told this girl sitting on the couch that i was bisexual and she started talking to me saying how she has a lot of gay friends and bisexual friends, im like 'what!?' and I have no response to something like that.. because if you say 'i'm not gay!!' they might think you're 'in the closet' but if you just joke and agree they might belieive you, so i just usually laugh it off and keep my mouth shut.

Its' starting to piss me off.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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Hawk Eye

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Originally posted by Jeffsus
It happens to MoFo all the time, until he clears up that he's male.

Hence, the thread.


but he's gay and everyone know's he's gay, he's tired of the jokes.

my point is that i'm straight and my co worker keeps making lesbian comments to me jokingly but it's really annoying and i find that offensive.


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Originally posted by Hawk Eye
my point is that i'm straight and my co worker keeps making lesbian comments to me.

My point was that everyone thinks MoFo is a woman.

It's the laugh.

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Originally posted by opticalm

Maybe you shold come hang with the family sometime. I know you won't stand out and be "the gay friend" but I think you'll be okay. We'll make breeder jokes and have a big frilly cock-tail.

But that is just my humble uninformed opinion.

I don't think that's an issue, of who I hang with. Because the BEST gay boys have been met on Tribe. Adam, lok, Zee, you, Jeff.. you guys are amazing.

But I've done the fag hanging out thing and I have my ow issues with that too.

Anyway, I haven't read this thread but I wrote this post out of the blue. I'm just annoyed. Not mad.
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Originally posted by Adam
Take a wild fucking guess.

See, this is EXACTLY what I mean. THIS IS FUNNY SHIT.

Let's get this straight (haha):

I AM NOT HURT. None of it hurts my feelings.
It's just annoying because there's a real double standard going on and I thought I'd bring it up because I think sexuality and respect for others is an issue that is interesting enough for a debate.

Don't get me wrong, everyone's got their own free will to do whatever they want. But I also have the free will to buzz away a fly if it keeps pestering me.

I also like to state that when I first joined Tribe, my first post was a reply to a homophobic comment. And my "I'm here and I'm queer" thing snowballed. PEOPLE DO change, ya know. I mean, it's only been 3 years. Go figure.

Anyway, this is basically what I'm saying, maybe I didn't make it clear:

IT'S NOT FUNNY. YOU'RE NOT FUNNY. I don't find it funny. Carry on.

I mean, people don't even try to offend me anymore. Low-brow humour is fabulous. Trying to really get at someone is totally respectful because it's a jab. That's what the roast is based on. It's a paradoxical form of respect. But when it's so uncreative, it's just lame and boring.

Also, to all the guys out there throwing around "you're gay" and "cockmuncher" comments to each other: how's 10th grade going for you?


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Originally posted by echootje
The thing is (and it's an observed sterotype), gay men tend to make a spectacle of themselves, as if being gay is such a big deal everybody has to know about it. Somteimes it's as if being gay isn't so much about sexual orientation as about a lifestyle choice.

So the point is I guess, when you stop perpetuating the 'big deal thing' here it'll go away (I think).


Well, that's just a chicken and egg thing, really. Being black, Chinese, disabled, a woman, gay, a lesbian, a Jew... Well, those are all really big deals. To say they're not, denigrates the culture, the struggles and the individual.

What you just said is a REAL cliche that I find a lot of straight people that I know say. I am going to guarantee that you haven't actually witnessed your gay male coworkers/friends/family members running around screaming "I'm gay" over and over.

I'm guessing you're talking about how they talk about gay things, gay places, gay issues, who they're going to fuck, who they think is gay. And of course, the all flaming diva.

Well, guess what: effeminate men exist. It doesn't mean they're shoving teh ghey in your face. It means they are being themselves. Judge them for being ANNOYING, not for being a homosexual. I think you (and others) should figure out who's doing the perpetuating.

I'd also like to ask you. When we used to hang out (we were once kinda good friends), did I ever run around making a spectacle out of myself for the sake of letting people know that I was gay? Mmm, not so much. Hence, I am surprised by your ignorance, Rob. Whatever, like I said, people change. *shrug*
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