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Is it worth it to have a suit altered?


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I used to have to wear suits to work. I no longer do. As such, I only wear suits a few times a year for weddings, fancy dinners, etc. I'd like to get a few of my suits narrowed (arms, trunk, legs) for a trimmer fit. Shoulders do not need to be adjusted. Nothing too drastic - no weight gain/loss.

Has anyone done this? Is it worth it? Or will I end up with suits that just look "off" and end up having to buy new ones anyway?
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sounds like a minor alteration(s) which should be doable. it gets tricky when they have cut too much fabric.


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Arms might be tricky as you to decrease the diameter/circumference of the sleeve, if too much, you need more fabric in the torso portion of the suit to compensate for that. It's easy to cut things down, but they won't be able to add fabric.

For the amount of work that you're talking about, I'm guessing at least $$150-200. For that money, why not just go to Moore's or something and pick something up while it's on sale?


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I was in the same boat 2 weeks ago & I got my suit altered for $50 and it fits me perfectly - glad I did it.

I guess it depends on how much you paid for your suit originally. Some Moores' special for $150/$200? Meh. Custom tailored/made to measure, might be worth it.


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Ended up getting one suit tailored, and it came out great. It cost a bit more than I expected, but still way less than a new suit (even a moderately-priced one).
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Arms are easy to narrow as long as it isn't drastic (since you can't really make the arm *holes* smaller without pulling the jacket apart).

Most off the rack and made to measure suits need arm narrowing because they make them with oversized arm holes so the jacket can fit as many body types as possible.