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Is it worth buying a PS2?


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I have too much free time during school, so I am thinking of purchasing a PS2. Is the system becoming obsolete enough that I should wait for the new generation of gaming systems or is that far enough in the fututre? Anyone know?:confused:
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for the price... hell ya. buy one! tons of great games.

i dont think PS3 is coming out until 2005
and you probably wont want to buy it brand new.. it'll be very expensive, and NO GAMES...

i still get lots of enjoyment out of my PS2


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For a couple of extra bucks get an Xbox. You can not even compare the two.

Sorry, but ps2 is obsolete and sucks. Xbox is here for a while.

Ask Bumbaclat, he has both systems.
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My friend had a PS2, and he had nothing but bad things to say about it... apparently it kept busting, as did his friends', and half the DVD's he'd put in wouldn't read at all. He got rid of his and got himself a GameCube, and got a Game Boy adapter for it, so now he can play all GameCube games, PLUS any Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance games on his console, even though he doesn't have an actual Game Boy console. GameCubes are also really cheap right now.

I got my bf an Xbox for Christmas... he seems to like it quite a bit. He's all entralled with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.
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i love the xbox controller.
although, i have the newer version, apparently the first generation were horrible


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Originally posted by Hal-9000

All you X-Boxers will still be chasing Haitians around while the PS2ers will be cruising Vegas in GTA: Sin City.

Who cares about GTA, it will probably be out on Xbox soon. Anyway, once you connect to Xbox Live, you won't even want to pick those games up.

My 10 year old nefew loves GC too.


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