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is it true?


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Now there's a rollcall for it. I'm quite pleased, I couldn't ask for a better bday present.


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NYE may go amiss because of this.

Crazy lineup and I haven't been to Montreal since I was 13! Mightn't be a bad time to check it out!
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videotronic said:
this is a very, very common sentiment amongst my friends

shit some of them have gigs on NYE and theyre planning on bailing on them

It's a 'weird' booking. I understand it's a Friday and everything, but I guess their NYE fees are just that much more money that it's more practical to have them in on that weekend.

I'm trying to think of when I saw Sasha and Diggers together last? 2004 at Ultra in Miami, maybe? I'm not even sure! Haha.