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is it spring yet!?


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its soo beautiful outside...kinda....i just ignore the patches of snow that have yet to melt..

but the sun...oh the sun....its out and bright and wonderful! im actually smiling due to it! i spent last class drawing daisies and butterflies and other spring images on my notes.

it better nto snow this weekend.
but the tone in the voices of the weather people sounds like we're gonna see something bad this weekend :(

but im enjoying it while it lasts :)



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we're not going to get a spring this year...I bet it's going to go from this cold winter-like crap into blistering hot heat waves that are worse than last year...


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I hate all this stupid snow one day melt the next, snow the next, melt the next STUPID WEATHER! it always reminds me of how much we are changing our climate and how screwed up it is :(
plus i am getting SOOO SICK OF SNOW AND COLD :(

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As a special treat, Mother Nature has decided to give Spring/Summer/Autumn a pass this year and head right back into Winter.


Merry Christmas!
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