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Is it spring there yet?

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...working on it. had a whole week and a bit of + temperatures... up to 10° today! but nothing below zero for highs for the week.

Snow is very quickly disappearing and everyone's complaining about dog shit and cigarette butts. A normal pre-spring in Toronto, then.


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Yeah pretty much.

Birds are out.

Long ass line ups at the car wash. I even went at 10.30pm on a week night and was still stuck in a 20 minute queue.

I saw some guy wearing a t-shirt today. Braving his nips out.


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No snow in the forecast for a while, but also no 10 degree days in the 14 day forcast.

It's the same slow as fuck spring unthaw we've seen in the last few years.
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Just about gone in Saskatoon. Had above zero highs for over a week(Was 10ish on friday/saturday). Then again, might just be another reprieve before a late March early April snowstorm. It's been known to happen.