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Is having java on your computer still a big security risk?


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With all those warnings about the evils of having java on your computer, I took it off. Now however I have a trusted site I have to access and it uses java and wants me to install it.

Should I do this?

Or is there a way to firewall java so it will only work with that one website if I install it?
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Aaron Bradley

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The Java VM allows you to run Java programs on them. A port on a firewall works on proxies or sockets (i.e. port 80, telnet, FTP...etc). Java doesn't run on a port (net:socket)

The worst thing you can do is have an outdated version. Where are you hearing it is unsafe?

Aaron Bradley

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not going to edit... I'll just reply. That being said, I'm not 100% sure that the JVN doesn't make some sort of requests or outbound connections when running a java app.

If you want to find that out, do a dump on your network interface when running java. It's hard to read, but at least you will have the true answer.

Are you running windows or linux/unix