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is future shock by herbie hancock the epitome of techno?


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reading alvin toffler write up of future shock on wikipedia prompted me.

"Curtis Mayfield's song "Future Shock" on the album "Back to the World" took its name from this book, and was in turn covered by Herbie Hancock as the title track for his 1983 recording Future Shock. That album was considered groundbreaking for fusing jazz and funk with electronic music."

There is the breakdown future shock shock, that is an insane hook...

The scratchy bit, herbie does is only ok. supposedly was revolutionary when it first dropped. for me it was only ok. but i beleive I am the second wave by the time i hear this for the first time. the beat was good. I am curious now to dig for the curtis mayfield version. in my mind this is the link back to the original break beats.

is this the "perfect beat" for which we of this discipline have been searching for? Maybe looking for the perfect beat by afrika bambatta is the perfect beat?
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