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Is Dave Dub the Neil Diamond of Breaks?


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After listening to his CD "Mish Mash" and seeing his scorching set on NYE in Buffalo (aka The Vatican of Breaks)...I'm here to give props.

He's not the finished article yet...but he knows his stuff, has put in the work, and loves The Breaks as much as anyone.

Oh......did I mention that he's an incontinent leperous hobo who has fashioned a crude hat from the severed left breast of Nancy Reagan which he found in a white house dumpster?

The question on NYE was 'who let that wierd leper into the club?'...

Question today Dave is .... what's next? Treatment for your horrendous disease , a made for TV movie, or heaven forbid, a career as a colostomy-bag-pipe-playing Neil Diamond cover band leader?

Keep 'em guessin' baby...and always commin' back for mo.
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Hey y'all.

'Mish Mash' is not a real CD. The actual CD is called 'Break On Thru' and if you want a copy, please PM me and we can figure summin' out!!!


PS Dylan, that is some funny ass shit you wrote. It still cracks me up everytime I read it!


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Originally posted by DaPhatConductor

It's all copied from that other post with a few subtle changes....


Aye, that is why it's so hilarious!!!

And by the way, it's 'Mr. Diamond' to you!!!


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Originally posted by DaPhatConductor
his scorching set on NYE in Buffalo (aka The Vatican of Breaks)...I'm here to give props.

I never thought I'd see the day when Buffalo was referred to as The Vatican of breaks, that's good shit. :D

Mr Diamond definitely tore it up NYE, as did yourself.
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