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Is anybody using Windows 8? No?


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Just wondering. I guess if they preload it on enough new machines in stores, eventually people will have to use it.
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I didn't like it at first, but I am use to it now. I still think it is best suited for touch screens though. So far it has been pretty stable.



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For personal use at home, I have it on everything.

It's a snappy OS. The UI doesn't bug me at all, even though nothing I have is touch.


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Installed it the other day after rdesktopping into a Windows 2012 box at work and screaming bloody murder because i couldn't find the start button to open a command prompt. Figured i should install it at home to avoid future embarrassment, googled around to see if Ableton would still work, and pretty much all the reviews said it performed better for audio and graphics than 7 did. No-brainer. Upgraded the same day and now everything runs faster and more stable. Don't miss the start button since ctrl-esc actually works when you're not rdesktopped.
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I've had it installed for a while now and I've gotten used to it. I'm never in the Metro UI so that interface doesn't bug me so much. Desktop mode all the way. Plus the little refinements make this a no brainer.



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My Mom has been using it unassisted for a week now and I have not had any calls for assistance... so that is good I am guessing!