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Iriver H1XX users....


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has anyone tried the firmware Rockbox on their H series? Looks like it is still in the works , but the beta is out and looks to have some cool features:

On-the-fly playlists
Customizable while-playing-screen
True gapless playback
Unlimited recording time [within limits of the FAT file system]
A number of new codecs. These are the ones it currently available (though not all optimized):
MPEG Audio (mp3, mp2 etc.)
Ogg Vorbis
A/52 (AC3)
Apple Lossless (ALAC)

Codecs that will probably be available:

This firware looks to make the H series the most powerful and diverse DAP oon the market. Woohoo - I am glad I got mine before they all ran out.


p.s. Check here for more info:
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ya. i check the progress every once in a while
i'm going to wait a bit. i pretty much only listen to mix sets on my iriver so the gapless playback isn't a big issue for me.


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been enjoying the rockbox firmware since it went public. i use it for just about everything now, except when recording. still don't find it as stable as i'd like yet - had a few crashes trying to record some stuff.

the whole WPS customization thing is really cool, and is only a minor feature in the grand scheme of things. everytime i boot the default firmware, i can't believe how large the text looks after getting used to picking my own font in rockbox.

really glad i picked one of these and rockbox just puts the icing on the cake really.


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Thanks for pointing this out -- real gapless playback will make me *very* happy...
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