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IRA UK Garridge Dj


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IRA if you see this drop me a line.. I tried emailing you but i'm not sure it was the right email adress..

sorry for the pointless thread.. how about this topic..

Uk Garage the gospel of electronic music ready for explosion or lastest fad to hit the scene most likely burning out in a couple years? Talk amonst yourselves...
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RnB is ok most of the time but gets cheesy and played out.. Soul and Gospel are where it's at..

I'd go to church everyday if I had people like Lauren Hill singing.


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thank you

Thanks Marty.. I used that email adress.. maybe he just doesn't check his mail?

btw Marty what do you think of UK Garage? you may not believe this but you were one of the first people/dj's to introduce it to me. I remember you spun some way back at Payback, when you spun against Capitol J...
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I like the style... I call it two step,.. is there a difference?
Im very picky when im buying that style for my breaks sets.
My favorite is a simple 2stepbeat over a cheesy top40 song.
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Pure Silk

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I think UKG/2-step is the most interesting genre of music to come out of dance music since the inception of jungle 92-93

it takes influences of almost every other form of dance music

(house, DnB, RnB, Raggae, Hip-Hop, Breaks, ) and many others

U must admit weather u like it or not it really does have an orginal feel (vibe) to it, and in a dance market that is saturated with repetitive beats with little or no personallity UKG is a breath of fresh air.
Their have been many arist to cash in on UKG comercial sucess in the UK and Europe.

Craig David- One of the most talented singers on the
on the planet right now.

Mysteeq- a 3 girl RnB/UKG outfit that are on the verge of
international sucess if U saw this years BRIT awards
then u know these girls are for real!

Miss Dynamite - Singer of the 2001 Smash UKG hit "BOO" signed
to a major label soon after it this sond was
and is expected to do really well

So Solid Crew – UKG/Urban group of MC’s, Producers, DJ’s that
have almost
Single handedly redefined the urban music
landscape in the UK
With as many as 20 members in the outfit. I
have seen their first
Video “21 Seconds” been played on BPM TV

And many other that have made big noise on the main stream dance charts.

It is also the most interesting genres of music to dj due to the fact of the different beat structures (2-step shuffle, 4x4 beat, breakbeat, and new the soca style beat pattern)
Some might find it difficult but the great Dj’s mix it all together.
The scene here in Toronto is small and young so being a dj now is very fun because the crowds are hungry for all styles of UKG.
BUT REMEMBER!!!! The scene will only get bigger the more DJ’s play and the support the format so this goes out to anybody thinking about getting in to Djing if and when the scene gets bigger there will be work!!
Also to ligitimise the scene on the international level their must be a group of producers in the city to define T.O sound (think about it!)
And to the promoters don’t be afraid to book talent from overseas! (it’s good to have the heavyweights on your side!) they can help in many ways .and remember

Always keep it…………..SEXY AND STYLISH it’s all about feelin and looking great!
And drinking some BUBBLY!!!

Also in ending BIG up to all the T.O dj’s trying to make some noise wit this thing called UKG……..U know who u are!!!

P.S it would be nice to see a UKG room on Tribe

Bryan Perrucho



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There IS good UK Garage out there, people!
Not just Artful Dodger remixes of All Saints songs.
But those are good too.

It's not big yet and I don't see it being big. They said the same thing about jungle when Roni's album won the Mercury Prize but... then Spin had "jungle is dead" articles.

Best to leave it for the "non-masses" to enjoy. Although it IS big in Britain and it has gotten quite diluted there...

Pure Silk

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Originally posted by Nesta
what the fuck is garridge?

LOL! tis true nesta ,I think that word is a bad way to label the music.

That word makes u feel that u can only be british to enjoy the music or that u aren't intellegent enuff that they have to spell it they want u to pronounce it.

UKG is the only genre of dance music I can think of that put the country of origin in it's name!

and in a sense hinders others from embracing it, I bet If jungle was called UK Jungle (UKJ) the scene in this city wouldn't of takin off like it did in 1996

Personally if I invented the genre I'd call it......


cause the one thing that is common to all the tunes no-matter the beat pattern is.........

Shufflily hi-hats.

just my opinion!

but don't get me wrong.......

UK Garage WORKS FOR ME!!!!!
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Sorry for the label.. I usually call it UKG or 2 Step myself but sometimes call it garridge for jokes.

I definetly think you need to incorporate all of the sounds into your set but more importantly you need to play for the crowd and sometimes that means putting your ego/plans/what you think is cool aside and playing what is going to get the crowd jumpin and into it.

For those interested i'm spinning in guelph tonight at 2pm.. check the upcoming events for more details.

When will we see Stanton Warriors? They've been just about everywhere but here!

ukgarageworldwide.com is a great site with some interesting articles. The one Sen wrote about Montreal comes to mind as a piece that just gets me excited about the hot bed of activity going on in Canada right now.


ps. Pure Silk I think you've hit the bullseye in alot of what you have posted!


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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
I think it might have some mileage. I like it more than Rnb.

From the Ministry of I've even heard it played in some rnb clubs

simply put, uk garage is an extension of the r n b scene in the uk.