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iPod + Phone = iPhone


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crowd outside new Apple Store in New York's Grand Central Station today (the store is on an elevated area that used to be a restaurant)


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5.0.1 untethered jb is out for all devices aside from A5 based (iPad2, iPhone 4S), no probs on my iPhone 4.


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I jailbroke my iPod 4G and everything seems to be working fine with the exception of iBooks. The app complains that it can't sync and all my books are gone. Anyone else experiencing something similar?


The Kid

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Picked up an ipod/iphone fm transmitter for the car for $13 at crappy tire and it works great! We'll see how long it lasts but so glad to have good tunes in the car... cd player was starting to sketch out and radio SUCKS!


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Picked up an ipod/iphone fm transmitter for the car for $13 at crappy tire and it works great! We'll see how long it lasts but so glad to have good tunes in the car... cd player was starting to sketch out and radio SUCKS!
Really which location?
And do they have more?


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iPhone 5 set for summer release?

Apple is ramping up for a summer release of the next iPhone, if the latest rumours are to be believed.

According to a recruiter at Foxconn, Apple’s Chinese supplier, the manufacturing firm has been hiring workers in preparation for a June release of the iPhone 5.

In a report from Japan’s TV Tokyo, the recruiter said the company needs to hire about 18,000 people to produce the next smartphone.

Responding to a question about the iPhone 5, the recruiter says, “It seems it will go on sale in June.”

Speculation of a June release has some merit, as Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is held from June 10th to the 15th. It would make sense for Apple to unveil the new phone at the conference.

Rumours have abounded about a next generation iPhone ever since Apple released the iPhone 4S, which was viewed as a minor update over the iPhone 4, last year.

iPhone 5 set for summer release? - thestar.com

DJ Doublecross

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Rumours abound that Apple will release a new phone ever since they released their last new phone?

Haha, this is breaking news! Hint: they release a new phone every year, guys

(not directed at you TRO, just the media/fanboys in general)


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Iphone 3

What radio app do you use to listen to local radio?

I want to listen to the jays game on 590? Not sure what works here?



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Okay I still want to unlock my phone. Never done it before, but apparently there is now an untethered option for the 4S running 5.1.1

Here's the "how-to" I plan to follow. Can any of you jailbreak veterans give some insight? Does this all sound legit? Anything I should look out for before proceeding? My main desire for doing this is having the ability to travel and throw any carriers SIM in my phone (ie, United states, Europe). I do not care for ANY other jailbreak features.

1. Gizmodo article announcing the newest jailbreak.

2. Step by step guide to jailbreaking. Seems quite simple actually.

3. Finally, how to unlock the phone step by step.


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The only advice I'd give you is that once you jailbreak, before you unlock your phone, just try the phone out for a while. Use it as you normally would.

If you notice any difference between jailbroken and stock phone, look into it and ask yourself if it's a gamebreaker.

Some people I know have gotten weird glitches from jailbreaking and just ignore it.

Any time I JB and get something weird happening I immediately restore and re-jailbreak until it comes out clean and clear.

And if you don't put any jailbreak apps on it while testing, you won't have to spend time setting it back up if you have to start again.

Make sense?


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And ripped from the page that article points to:

Important Note:

Make a complete backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud before jailbreaking your device.

If your iPhone relies on an unlock, do not update to stock iOS 5.1.1 firmware and for the time being stay away from Absinthe.

If you have a passcode set on your device, make sure you disable it before following the instructions below.


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I updated a few of our devices to 5.1.1 and took advantage of the new jailbreak on Friday. My iPhone 4, iPad3, and Apple TV2 all worked perfectly. I just need to update my wife's iPhone 4 and her iPad2 as well... but the Absinthe jailbreak is certainly one of the easiest/most foolproof in my years of jailbreaking dating back to the original iPhone. I don't need a software unlock though so can't speak to that piece.

And somehow we have way too many iDevices in our house... :D


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TuneIn (free version) should work too on the 3G.

If you are listening to a station over cellular data, make sure you STOP the stream instead of just pausing it. It will cache the stream in the background on pause. Great for WiFi, not great over 3g.