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iPod Nano or Ipod video?


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have the option of cashing in some airmile points for an iPod...

my top options are either the iPod nano 4GB or the iPod video 30GB for a few more points. to be honest, i can't see myself downloading video much for the purpose of taking anything with me to watch however the audio on wither will defnitely be taxed.

any feedback appreciated. size vs. performance. any problems with either? etc. is there much of a diff between the two performance-wise other than the larger screen, memory and video playback??



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I have a Video, it plays great, but I've hacked up my own PVR to provide shows for my iPod, so I have lots of video.

The Nano is going to be lighter and play longer, but have less space.

If you are a very active person and have a moderate amount of music that you want to carry around, grab the Nano.


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Nano would be better for the gym and running, but thats about it.

I'd get the 30g. The vid ipods are pretty slim anyway.