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Sleepy Giant

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It's evolutionary, not revolutionary.

That notwithstanding, the Apple fanboys will show up in droves to get their greasy pays on one.


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Didn't really see anything that would want me to rush out and get one. Now I'm really on the fence on whether to upgrade to the 5 next year or the SGS3.



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So far:

Total yawn. Spec bump. IMproved Camera. LTE. See my post above.
2x CPU/GPU, 22% thinner, 4" screen, redesigned case, better camera, better front facing camera, noise reduction technology on audio send and audio receive, single chip for all radios, better antenna's, better color reproduction, LTE radio with similar or better battery performance than the previous generation of phone despite being thinner.

Can't imagine a mobile announcement these days being more exciting than that honestly. After all, its just a phone.
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Reality distortion field + preëmptive resizing = they had prior art on that one in their oobersekrit design vault for years. "We just hadn't released the beast yet," said Cook, whose legal team works 24-7-365 to meet targets set by Apple's board, three of whom are in fact being sued by that same legal team, just because it 'feels right."

It is no surprise that if you look at the entire photoset of "goatzee"[sic], what causes the distension in the subject's nether regions is in fact an apple, deliberately inserted. Apple's team is working on trademarking that maneuver, too.


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I think it looks very nice.
Haters are gonna hate. Plain and simple. I mean, I find the Galaxy S3 way too big. That thing is a fucking monster. I tried it out - it looks nice, great OS, but it's just so big. I put it in my pant pockets to see how it would feel and it just took up so much damn space. - but I've been with apple for so long I wouldn't be willing to make the switch. That and... every computer I have in my house is Apple something. Please note - I was an apple guy BEFORE it became huge.
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If I'm opening an email in the iphone to compose, and I want to add a pdf, can I do that?

Someone the other day told me you can't add pdf attachments you can only forward old emails with pdfs


I smashed my bb9900 screen yesterday and will get it fixed but I'm also going to pre-order this sucker and try it out for 3 months til bb10 comes out and I'll most likely go back

These things hold their value pretty well so selling it will be like renting it.


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Depends on where the pdf is stored. These 2 use cases cover more than 9/10 of my pdf-ery. Everyone will have different ways of doing things though.

1. Pdf that's been emailed to me that I want to forward, without forwarding the original email.
- Open original email
- Open pdf
- Tap share button
- Select mail, which starts a new email with the pdf attached

2. Sending pdf that's already stored on my device
- Most will agree that Goodreader is a must have app for opening pretty much any file on iThings
- Any number of ways to get the pdf into the app. I use dropbox integration, or I may have saved it from an email
- Fire up goodreader, hit actions, select file(s). You can hit email directly from here, or you can zip the files first then email.
- The gotcha with this workflow is that you can't start composing an email, then add a pdf to it. You'll have to call up the email app from Goodreader. Or, you'll have to copy the contents of your email then go into goodreader and paste it.
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Boss Hog

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Here’s what happens when you show people the iPhone 4S, but say it’s the new iPhone 5

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I'd agree with him, except he said the most exciting thing was the Lumia 920 :p.

There's a few reasons everyone thinks its boring.

1. We've all been reading and watching everything about Apple for the last 5 years. We knew what the iphone 5 was all about, before it was launched. Hard to keep those manufacturers quiet when you have the press offering them thousands of US dollars just for a few pictures of a iphone chassis.

2. Apple only releases phones once a year, while competitors release them at will so new features don't seem new.

3. Proper engineering is under appreciated by the tech press. Engineering doesn't make headlines, making the worlds most environmentally friendly phone isn't a headline. Making the world's thinnest smartphone, also, not a headline. Using the world's first in-cell display technology - no one cares. Putting a sapphire crystal over the lens of the camera to make it almost completely scratch resistant? Not news.

Enhancements to features just ain't cool enough for the tech press when covering Apple. Apparently though inductive charging (whop dee fucking doo) or NFC (double whoop, BT4.0 has been available on all phones since the 4S launched), would have made a bigger splash with the media, although neither of these is a feature that most of us would ever put to good use.

90% of the tech-press is a snooze, the other 10% are actually diving in and finding out what makes gadgets tick - that's where the excitement lies in these devices - the engineering on this stuff is amazing. Even Apple has gone to greater lengths through their media to show us just how awesome it is to engineer this stuff ( I point out Apple but Sammy has done this as well, however Apple is known for being secretive ).

Alright back to reading how VC's just pumped another XX million into a technology that will either be integrated by a company with XX billion in the bank or how it just dried up into nothing. Tech news is so fucking boring.


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oddmyth - so true. as a former engineering student myself, i found most of the enhancements pretty great. I think I read somewhere that the ARM based processor they tinkered with is very powerful - and they had to underclock it so it didn't melt the damn thing (and save on battery life). Inside that thing is only 40% pcb board - the rest is reserved for battery. I love it. Murray's law right there. These phones are powerful as all hell. I has a 4S and there isn't anything that will tear me from it until maybe the 6 or the 6s comes into play - it's a phone that does exactly what I need it to do..... just really wish Siri knew Canada shit
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I want one too but think I'll hold out for the 5 SE-R

I can't complain about the 4. Shit does everything I need. And iCloud for contacts and calendar, it's bomb


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I think I read somewhere that the ARM based processor they tinkered with is very powerful - and they had to underclock it so it didn't melt the damn thing (and save on battery life).
Yeah they are speculating based on the 2x CPU/GPU announcement that its a dual core A15 CPU in the A6 chip. If so they are the first to launch it and it will be the fastest phone on the market. Samsung has the A15 in the Exynos 5 that they just announced last month, but nothing on the market for the moment. I'm sure it won't take long though.

AnandTech - Samsung Announces A15/Mali-T604 Based Exynos 5 Dual

Also expected would be the 6 series SGX technology from Imagination Technologies for the GPU. While nothing specific you can glean a little detail from their site

PowerVR? Series6 IP Core

This tech would also be the fastest on the market at this point in time.

just really wish Siri knew Canada shit
Yeah, I use her mostly for texting in the car and pulling up web searches while I'm eating. Maps and places integration would definitely be welcomed.


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I have a difficult time with the 'underwhelmed with the hardware' position on this. At this point, unless you're into 3D FPS gaming on your phone (which I think is odd), the hardware is far more than fast enough to run anything you're going to need. In fact the 4S already was. The scope for increasing processing power is really limited at this point because the need for it just isn't there. With this update, network speeds are covered for the foreseeable future (LTE), and the retina display is top of the LCD game (I prefer the SIII screen to the 4s. Yet to see the 5's screen.)

Further improvements are really going to be incremental. I can see scope for camera improvements - the lumia has shown that with its fuckoff megapixel subsampling floating lens camera. NFC might be useful, although adoption will be a ways off. Perhaps battery life will continue to improve. Perhaps software will become complex enough to actually need dual core gigahertz speeds and cpus might speed up a bit, but I expect any cpu innovation will be on reducing power draw.

I'm not sure that we will see any revolutionary phone releases anytime soon, so the 5 basically brings the iphone up to the top-end android hardware spec which is great - but I don't think anyone was having performance issues with the 4S.
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