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iPhone 5S 64GB Unlocked - MINT! Plus AppleCare Warranty!


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Selling my iPhone 5S. It's factory unlocked (any SIM card will work in it, amazing for travel!), 64gb storage, and absolutely MINT. I've had a screen saver and case on the phone since day one. In fact, the original plastic covering the back of the phone is STILL on it! Needless to say there isn't a scratch/mark anywhere to be found.
Oh, and the phone is covered under applecare warranty until Sept 26, 2015, so rest assured, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, it would be fixed/replaced without any issue.

Everything that came in the box is included (lightning cable, charger, UNUSED headphones, etc), and I'm throwing in 3 cases. One of which is the highly regarded "Spigen Neo-Hybrid" case with gold frame. It really looks amazing and offers a lot of protection.

I know a lot of people throw around the word "mint" liberally. But in this case, you really are getting a perfect phone. I'm a little over-the-top when it comes to taking care of my stuff :)

Asking $675. Feel free to come see it, test it out, etc. I'm located in the College & Bathurst area.




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