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IOC is going to remove Wrestling from the Olympics


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I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet.

It's official: dressing up and making a horse prance around is obviously a better sport than the oldest sport in known history.

What a fucking joke.

don't get me going on shit like prancing around with a fucking ribbon or jumping on a trampoline either.

God the olympics are pathetic.....
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There has been no moment in the history of the Czech Republic when I have seen more national pride than when David Svoboda won the modern pentathlon gold medal. Hearts across the entire country swelled when this entitled nobody crossed the finish line in the final 'jogging while stopping to shoot' event. Apparently he skipped his polo tournament that week in order to make it to the Olympics. Fuck this crap.


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This obviously about TV ratings. Very silly. I have friends who HATE the olympics. I have always done my best to defend them (as far as Canadians trying to win on an international stage).

But now... forget it.
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