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Intuitive Readings, Tarot, and Reiki


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(This is a very close friend of mine, she's awesome.)

The Intuitive Mirror- Reflecting What's Within
Offering Intuitive Readings, Tarot, and Reiki

We are all mirrors for one another and we can learn many valuable lessons from those mirrors. Kelly helps reflect that which our Higher Selves may know, but we on a conscious 'day-to-day' level have yet to fully realize. Kelly's fun yet down-to-earth readings also incorporates working with the Law of Attraction, enhancing one's Creative side and beyond. Kelly is an Intuivive who reads with focus upon Self-Empowerment and Co-Creation.
She also offers Reiki healing sessions- a form of hands-on Energy work which channels 'Chi' into the body to give an overall relaxing experience on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki session rates are on a sliding scale- be sure to call and ask.

Reading Rates: 1/2 hour reading session- $45
1 Hour reading session- $75
1hour+ -negotiable depending on length of session

This is a great way to liven any public event, fundraiser or home party!

To book an appointment for a session please call: 416.781.5597 ext. 2
Or feel free to email: kellyhopetaylor@hotmail.com
I had Reiki performed on me in '98 by an elderly man from Malaysia when I was at the Shouldice Clinic after my hernia operation. The morning after my surgery.. I woke up.. and noticed that a man who had been admitted & had the same surgery on the same morning as I... was walking around the hallways. Whereas I was hardly even able to get out of the bed without feeling like I was going to die. I asked him how he was able to do it.. and he said, 'self reiki'. He offered me a session on the terms that I would go home and read more about it. I figured, why not !?

It was unreal. I couldn't believe how good I felt after he was finished. I had my eyes closed... and when he was done.. he told me to open my eyes.. and explain to him how I felt at that moment.

I opened my eyes... and the biggest smile adorned my face. I felt like I was in heaven. I was actually able to move about freely without any pain. I felt so positive and filled with good energy. For weeks... I was telling this story to everyone I ran into. Most people thought I was exaggerating... but nuh-uh. Serious tingz. The sad news is... it didn't last. Although I have nobody but myself to blame. I had a cigarette a few hours later... and no word of a lie... with the first drag... all the positive energy flushed out of me. No kidding.. cigarettes are by no means positive energy. LOL.

I'd recommend that people try it at least once in their earthly lifetime.