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Introducing www.blaydrunner.com

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by dj SPINZ, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. dj SPINZ

    dj SPINZ TRIBE Promoter

    November 2001

    The new website is finally completed! Find out all about the bangin' new Toronto drum and bass label that's set to make waves in 2002. While you're there find out about upcoming releases, listen to music and get to know our artists.

    Before you leave please enter in our contest to win a Blaydrunner 002 promo sent straight to your mailbox!!
    All Blaydrunner contests are exclusive to our mailing list members.

    New Releases:[/size=4]

    BRR 001 - Genetic Structua / Killa - Stranjah
    Currently available at your favourite record store, the first release is killing dancefloors worldwide. Check out both of these tunes in our listening section.

    to order online check out :
    UK - http://www.breakbeat.co.uk
    USA - http://www.satelliterecords.com
    USA - http://www.compoundrecords.com
    CAN - http://www.easternbloc.com

    please visit the new site and keep the vibes rollin'

    thanks for listening!!!
    dj SPINZ
  2. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    very nice!!

    Whats you highscore on the game??
  3. dj SPINZ

    dj SPINZ TRIBE Promoter

    My high score is beyond your comprehension!!

    Actually, i have it written down somewhere. maybe that's the next addition, a high score counter...

    Everyone post your high score here:
  4. dj SPINZ

    dj SPINZ TRIBE Promoter

    also that link was supposed to be:

    opps!! My code was showing, I feel so naked...
  5. dj SPINZ

    dj SPINZ TRIBE Promoter

  6. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    there ya go!!!

    btw, i got 2050...not too good, but acceptable [​IMG]
  7. Dr. Grinch

    Dr. Grinch TRIBE Member

    15000 points.. then I got bored..
    Too easy..
  8. Samuree

    Samuree TRIBE Member

    Dude, I slaughtered tons of evil aliens with my flying blue jellyfish!! But, alas, the good Dr. Grinch has me beat, my measly shrivelled score only 900 points, curses!
  9. Nebu kad

    Nebu kad TRIBE Member

    Spinz, check your email please!!
  10. dj SPINZ

    dj SPINZ TRIBE Promoter

    I checked it!! What am i looking for? Maybe you might have sent to my old address?

    The new (permanent) one is spinz@blaydrunner.com
  11. Nebu kad

    Nebu kad TRIBE Member

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