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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by KickIT, Mar 17, 2001.

  1. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Well I had a pretty good time last night. Una Mass is a pretty nice place, pretty upscale which was represented pretty well by alot of your atypical "i shop at club monoco and wear a leather jacket and look exactly the same way" type people. The other half were was a nice mix of more mature party people, with zero sketchiness which was nice to see.

    The live band was good. I liked what they played and that girls voice was super nice but it got a little boring after a while. I wish they would've had the band upstairs and the more jump'n beats downstairs.

    I left early cuz I was crusty and beat but it looked like it was picking up as I left. I like what the Intimate guys are try'n to do. nuff respect.

  2. pie

    pie TRIBE Member

    I was hyped about this for about two weeks. I was jumped by three thugs less than 50 meters west of Una Mas on the opposite side of adelade. There were five whitnesses, 4 male, who just stood and watched me get beat up. I lost half my sweater in my escape efforts and ran home.
  3. simpletee

    simpletee TRIBE Member

    the way you told that was pretty funny...

    but seriously, sorry to hear that pie... as long as you weren't seriously hurt right?

    i've been attacked w/ at least a dozen witnesses (who did nothing of course) present... so i know how it feels...


    ps. i just had a 'decent' time at Intimate...
  4. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    My girl Lori got mugged/robbed after Intimate as well.... damn! Not so good....
  5. pie

    pie TRIBE Member

    That's sad to hear. It may well have been those same guys. I've seen them all a million times selling at parties... I'm sure everyone has. Because i know i'll bump into at least one of them in the next few weeks i'm scared to even go out.

    As for my condition; i was left with a black eye, swolen lip and a couple bruises on top of my head. I managed to escape with all of my belongings minus the sweater. I'll be alright. The damage was more mental than physical.
  6. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    GRRRR, I'd love to give them a kick in the pants. It's unfortunate you missed a good night pie. Maybe next time, I'm a little worried because Una Mas is in a bit of a dodgy spot and I hope that people aren't being preyed upon because of the empty area it's in. It'd be a sad way to end a good thing. Next time don't travel alone.

    As for the Liquified live Drum'N'Bass, I'm not sure whether to be dissapointed or not. The flyer said 5 peice band and I saw 4 people. I don't know why I expected to see Live percussion but maybe I shouldn't have had any expectations. DJ Pho (sp?) was wicked with the scratchisms and he's definately got a solo career if he wants it. All in all it was a good night with all the hedz in attendance and a warm crowd.

  7. simpletee

    simpletee TRIBE Member

    how does one pronounce 'echootje' ?


    that is so shitty...sorry to hear...i left the party at 2 and i decided to go to a bank machine, then these 4 guys (kinda thugish) tried to stop me, but i kept walking, and then the one guy grabbed my while the other blocked the sidewalk and they took my money, which isnt that bad seening as it couldve easily been a lot worse. but i was just so mad at it..i mean what kinda of guys mug a girl for like 25$? pathetic..
    hope you feel better soon pie... [​IMG]
  9. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    What the fuck!? That's 3 people (prbably more) who got mugged/assaulted to/from the same party!!

    GRRRRRRR! Is this making anybody else as angry as I am?

    I'm wondering if you guys should have reported this to the police? Just so they can have a larger presence in front of Una Mas because I'd hate for this to become an epidemic.

    (PS simpletree, I think if I remember correctly it's "ek-koo-t-yeh" which means 'little echo' loosely translated in dutch. My dutch friend gave me the name. AWWWW SWEEET [​IMG]

  10. rudebwoy

    rudebwoy TRIBE Member

    yeah, i got robbed too...i asked the bartender for 2 drinks, and it came to $24....i aggree, it wasn;t as tramatic as the rest of you, but come on...$24????

    i agree w/ chuck (for once)...nice place, i felt a little out of place wearing an orange hat upstairs, but that's where the kickin beats were, so that's where i stayed...i thought i wasn't going to be allowed in at first cuzz the bouncer said i didn't have enough gel in my hair, but i bribed him and i got in....

    echtooje, i too was looking forward to some live drums, but the 4 peices they had were good...pretty much what i expected...

    intimate continues to impress me, and i look forward to the next one....

  11. Psyklone

    Psyklone TRIBE Promoter

    Tee hee

    [​IMG] .oO0QPsykloneQ0Oo. [​IMG]

    **where exactly is Una Mas anyway?**
  12. SE7EN

    SE7EN TRIBE Member

    kickit/simpletee: we were going for a more chilled out and loungey vibe for this event. sorry if that took you (or anyone) off guard. if anything can be said (and it's been said by all the positive emails I've received from people following the event) it's that it was a completely unique experience.

    I've definitely learned something here though. While I am personally interested in doing more events like Friday's, a lot of our crew wants to continue in the same vein as our previous events. which is fair, because both types have their place. so the solution is for us to find a way to separate and clearly distinguish the more chilled out and loungey events we do from the more "hype" and energetic ones. if you're part of the "hype" and energetic school of thought, I can assure you'll be more than taken care of at the next event (on the drawing board already, I'll keep you posted).

    pie/moez: I am very sorry for what happened to you on the street near the venue. I've been in car accidents on the way to parties, come out and walked to a random city parking lot to see my car broken into. so I know how it impacts your take on the event retrospectively.

    it especially leaves me feeling a little "off" because there were no incidents involving drugs, violence, or theft inside the event. I really wish there could have been something we could have done for you guys, but I'm sure you understand having security patrol the streets in the vicinity isn't possible.

    if you plan on coming to one of our events in the future, what I can do is offer you some concessions (some guest list spots for you and your friends and some complementary drinks). please email krisb@mgisoft.com if you're interested and I'll make a note of it.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out. we had a wicked time, learned a lot, made some new friends, and definitely opened some new doors for ourselves and for drum&bass music. for instance: the owner of Uni Mas took a big risk on us and this event because he didn't think our music would suit his venue or clientele. in the end, he totally came around and his perception of the music changed positively.

    if we can convince one "influencer" at a time that this music has a mature side and scene, we've done our job. when we have a city full of people like that, we'll have succeeded absolutely.

  13. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    ah shit. i think i saw you get jumped on the corner. i wasn't sure if i saw it right. i feel bad. we were driving by pretty fast and i just caught something out of the corner of my eye. i wasn't sure if i saw it right as i was driving. not sure what i could've done seeing as i'm tiny, and the girl i was with was not exactly a huge enforcer. my heart goes out to you.

    i know what it's like. my friend and i got jumped once by like 10 guys and the cops that were hired for the event just watched. i actually saw the cops staring at us, but they didn't want to do anything. violence sucks.

    as for the event, i only dropped by for a few minutes as i was sick and i ran home to bed, but from what i saw it looked alright. it was a little too laid back i think. i totally respect what you guys are doing. i'm trying for something kinda similar i guess. most of my "junglist" friends looked pretty bored, and most left early i think. i think you guys should have something a little more up-tempo in the downstairs room, at least after 12.

    as far as the club monico types, you never know someone's history, so i'm not going to touch that one. for all we know, they could have been around in the scene much longer than us. try not to judge on the basis of a cover.

  14. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member

    CC: I hear you. But we have to remember this party wasn't about getting the same people to the same space listening to the same music played by the same people using the same flyers distro'd at the same locales. As promoters, we'd get bored fast if we followed a cookie cutter formula you know?

    We like to explore. Shake it up. Change it up. See what we're capable of. See what diversity is really about. Push the envelope. Attract new people. Take on new challenges. Essential Elements was about doing something different and we nailed it.

    The average junglist was a little taken back by the deep and loungey style, but for the 500 new people (who made up 90% of the people who packed the place), there were good times, conversations about this new music they were hearing, interests fueled, and curiosities peaked. We opened up to a whole new audience, made some new friends in other areas of the scene, established some new partnerships and contacts who will help us do even more diverse and different things going forward.

    But we see the point about the average junglist being confused, even though we did our best to make our intentions as clear as possible on the flyer and on the web-site.

    So as we said on the Torontojungle board, just so we don't confuse our clientele, we'll now be throwing two different styles of events to cater to different audiences and needs.

    One that is stylish and sexy and loungey and attracts new people, people from the industry and people who have grown out of the regular party atmosphere (the contemporary UK vibe), and one that is the usual energetic, off the hook, uptempo intimate atmosphere that most people are so used to (the contemporary Toronto vibe).

    that differentiation will be important, because we now know that some crowds just realistically don't mix like we used to way back in the old school.


    -Intimate Crew-
  15. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    that's so sad
  16. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member

    you're telling us [​IMG]

    phat pants, regular pants, club monaco pants, dress pants, sweat pants.....used to be all good under one roof.

    shit, there used to be a day when trance, jungle, house, and breaks would all get played in one room in one night! today, having different styles of jungle is hard to handle.

    and there were some DJs and sets (John E comes to mind) who would mix house, breaks, trip hop, big beat, and jungle together seamlessly in one set while guys in addidas track suits, tuxedos, club wear, and even drag busted out. today, we're more concerned about being around people who all look and dress the same, which is too bad, because that's how the rest of the world kicks it. we should strive to take risks and be different.

    we should all be able to come together again, but obviously the changes will have to be gradual and not drastic.

  17. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    Well i'm still gonna wear whatever i like to your parties.. and if people don't like me for it they can shove a big pair of kickwears up their ass. hehe

    shannon <--- about music.
  18. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member


    No, no. It's the people wearing Lithium who are uncomfortable being around people wearing Kenneth Cole, not the other way around :)

    That's why it's so sad. we're supposed to be better than that.

  19. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    totally wasn't knocking anything you guys are doing, and i hope it didn't seem that way. i like how you're doing something different. i myself am exploring a more laid back atmosphere. i think that's what more people want. i was just suggesting that giving someone an hour or two to dance is pretty cool, and wouldn't take away from your event. but if it's a lounge nite you want, then a lounge nite you have. you guys are right in saying that we need companies to cater to different styles and tastes. i guess i just want everything my way. [​IMG]

    i'll still represent at the next one, lounge or not. and una mas is the place to do the lounge thing too.


    ps. i think you should keep trying to mix up the crowd, people will grow to be more accepting over time i think. and i never had any problems with the crowd there that nite; club monico is cool with me (although i don't think i've ever shopped there).
  20. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    Intimate(who is this anyway?? hehe) I see what you mean... but it's not in every case.. all my sunglasses are Kenneth Cole, and I have numerous articles of lithium clothing..haha. what i'm trying to say is I get along with everyone, and there's a lot of people like me out there out there... and you wouldn't wnat to make those people feel uncomfortable coming to your parties would you?

    This whole segragation thing makes me really uncomfortable. But I guess it's just the way it is [​IMG]
  21. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    shannon's head <---- nothing in there in there
  22. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member

    CC: I hear ya mate. But there were two floors. Upstairs was lounge action all night. Small system, couches, art displays, candles.

    Downstairs was about the dancefloor (ie Kinetic, ie Terra, ie C64) and of course there were people dancing, especially at the peak times. They weren't raving violently, but the crowd was dancing, drinking, and grooving. The only time it was "still" was when the live band comes on (and does a perfect cover of "Inner City Life" of all things) for some reason people all rush downstairs and pack the room like sardines so no one can move.

    Aphrodite: The fact you get along with everyone is amazing. I try to be the same way. No one wants to segregate. As you can see from our bashes, we want to integrate as man kinds of people as possible, much moreso than anyone else. But after some of the suggestions/commentary from jungle music enthusiasts (ie CC, ie KickIt, ie some of our friends who we use as an acid test), we know we need to take it slowly and strategically and not rush in and force it.

    what it all means is that there will be twice as many parties for you to be comfortable at and appreciative of. people like you will have the best of both worlds and people who prefer one over the other will be able to pick and choose. it's the perfect solution as we work toward integrating the regulars and the neophytes, the old and the new, etc. etc.

    if you want to suggest anything to make it even better, email info@intimatepro.com.

  23. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member

    Forget to add, and this is the most important thing too! The other (major) key thing is that the second kind of event will allow us to flirt with other kinds of music as well (not garage, trance, HHC, breaks).

    We want to keep our regular events 90% jungle because that's what our audience is there to hear and that's the kind of party most of our promoters want to focus on doing.

    but for these other spin off events we're going to have d&b as well as other styles of music. Again, people like you will appreciate that, but this doesn't affect anything for people who don't. nothing really changes the core of what we are. the only thing going on here is that there will be another kind/style of party put on by people who are involved in Intimate. these events may take place under a different name to avoid confusion. we don't even know if these will be private or public yet. either way, like I said, it doesn't affect or our current operations and nothing at all changes because of it [​IMG]

  24. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    I think that what you guys are doing is proper. I love drum & bass but I'm no junglist and I don't really go to parties anymore. Which is why I love what you guys are try'n to do. The first Intimate at B-Side was dope. Exactly what I was look'n for. I think the 2nd one at Una-Mass just threw me off a bit cuz I felt uncomfortable and out of place. Forgive my "club monoco type" stereotype. It just seemed to me that alot of the people there were Una Maas regulars. I'm not against exposing music to the masses, I just don't like some of the cliques that exist in TO. Anyways, I'm look'n forward to the next one.

  25. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    i find that hilarious!

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