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Intimate Session 1.2: COLD FUSION


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Wow, what an amazing party!
The venue was nice, the crowd was hype, and the music was great!
Doublecross started off the night with some sweet vocal and funky DnB, and moved into some punpin' hard stuff by the end. Dave Saddler came on next and played a nice funky breaks set...I'm not a big fan of breaks but even I was movin'!
In the prime slot, Ist and Vise threw down a sick hard set on 4 turntables!! Wicked tracks and mixing, even though not-easily impressed Ist said he was disappointed with the set.
Gimme a break bro.
Kinetic and Terra B2B had the crowd movin' as Kinetic was throwin' down his patented hip hop influenced DnB with some nice scrathcing.
I left while Se7en and Lathargix were on the decks and they were sounded wicked as well.
Some great MCing from Rudebwoy and Stryker hyped the crowd and rounded out the night nicely.
I must say that this party had the sickest vibe. Everyone was out to have a good time and it was great to see such a fun-loving mature crowd!
So all in all, it was a perfect night full of great music, nuff beer, wicked vibe and as Mr. Doublecross said "Even some hoochies!"
LOL! I'm sorry.
I'm too drunk to type anymore, so I'm going to pass out on the floor.
Respect to the Intimate crew!


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Werd to that Stormshadow! nice to see ya again...same to the rest of y'all: Doublecross (sorry i missed your set); tella; Janie; i lix; everyone else...

All i gotta say is wicked vibe, wicked music, wickedly strong drinks, wickedly fine hoochies...hood rat hood rat!

That's all i gotta say

Evan K
Chaotic Vibes

"Don't fake the funk on the nasty DRUNK!"


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EVAN! when the hell were you there!?!?!? I was there till 12:30 then headed over to turbo!

yeah, that party was great for the couple hours I was there-- Rob and Ist's set were both great--- and Also that guy Dave made me realize that I DO like breaks (sortof) *L* and I didnt even complain about any of the music all night!!! *L* (i kinda liked it actually... shh!!)

nice seein the crew again-- Dave, Amy, Jane, Ist, Rob, Shannon, Jeremy, Tamara - anyone else?? (well, ritika of course)


DJ Doublecross

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Yeah this party truly was great... I didn't see one person having a bad time. It was also good to see so many old faces. Although I did not like the fact that Madnezz was taller than me. Put those shoes away!

Can't wait for the next one.



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definatly a nice tight jam.....intimate always seems to be able to come up with the right atmosphere for an event...excellent music, the right venues, and a crowd full of cats that know the score...the presence of aphrodite, ms. janiecakes and stormshadow was a welcome touch....

looking forward to 1.3.
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I would just like to say cheers to those who suffered in the COLD waiting in the lineup and eventually realized that we weren't getting in. It was disappointing to wait more than an hour only to give up as the irresponsible door people refused to devulge any info about the capacity of the venue nor our chances of entering, repeating ad nauseum "I cant tell you that..." fearing the return of some lurking predatory inspector. It would have been nice if we were told clearly that we would NOT be let in and not stand by watching great numbers leave - obviously they were way beyond fire regulations...anyway I'm not bitter because the COLD did inspire some truly tribal behavoir in the line-up, specifically our "name association" game involving a circle of us bound together by the COLD - very stimulating and took our minds of the wheather to some degree.


PS BSIDES please invest in a counter.


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What a great evening indeed!!!

I had such a blast last night.....I walked in the door at around 11pm...missed Doublecross' set...(next time I promise
) but was just in time to get my fill of BREAKS!!! Oh the shear joy of shakin my ass to some funky kickass breaks

Then I was treated to an amazing set by Vice and Ist....hun, you looked amazing up there *grin*

The rest of the evenings music was just as awesome...and so by 2:30....my poor legs had just about had enough....I had to sit my ass down and chairdance till the end of the nite *grin*

So many old faces and even a few new ones too! I just couldnt stop smiling for the entire nite!!!

Look, I really am turning into a junglist jane!!

Damn....I am still smilin



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Hey Laura, what about me??!

I must say that Vise and Ist were wicked on 4 decks! the crowd, vibe and music were topnotch!




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Originally posted by echo:
Then I was treated to an amazing set by Vice and Ist....hun, you looked amazing up there *grin*
blowjob massive BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

so the intimate crew did it again. i had even more fun at this jam than the last one.


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Originally posted by T:
Hey Laura, what about me??!
*LMAO* RICK! I didnt know you were on this board still!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE BANNED??? *ROTFLMAO* sorry hun- I woulda mentioned you if I thought you read this at all! *mwah*

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What a wicked, refreshing night...It was part two of my much needed "weekend of jungle"...I'd heard alot about Intimate from various tbk people, and so I was pretty excited for this...unfortunately I was one of the people who got there a bit late - I never thought I'd see the day that I'd wait in line 45 minutes to get into bsides
But I knew what was awaiting inside, so I didn't let it bother me! Unfortunately I missed Ist and Doublecross (altho I got to check out Rob vs. Terra a bit later on), and fortunately I missed the breaks
I got to catch Terra vs Kinetic - now Kinetic, I knew would get me going - but the last few times I've seen Terra, she was a bit boring...but people had told me she'd gotten away from the techstep and gotten a bit funkier...and they were right, it didnt take much to get me right into this combo - plus I had to do something to warm up!! Next up was se7en (and lethargix?) who kept me there till the lights came up (although I had to sit down for the last twenty minutes or so)...and laying it on nicely on top of everything was MC Rudebwoy, who proved to all doubters that he can rock the patios no matter what colour his skin
I was very very impressed with his variety and skillz...After having danced my legs off for Freedom on friday, I wasnt sure if I'd be too up for any major booty shaking, but the energy drummed up by the music and people gave me no choice but to go going even harder (OTSS!)...All in all, an wicked night, I'm already looking forward to the next event!
Intimate just wants to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their individual contributions to the wicked, wicked vibe laid down on Saturday. The crew is still in awe. What I can say is that we felt a collective, overwhelming sense of pride looking out over the crowd and seeing the most beautiful and positive people in Toronto linking up and partying relentlessly surrounded by so many others in the same frame of mind.

We didn't think it possible, but this party was even better than our last. In this way, COLD FUSION was one of the greatest successes this company has ever enjoyed and only 48 later, we can't wait to get started so we can bring you Intimate Session 1.3 as soon as possible. If we have our way for the next one, we're going to make all those people who consistently come out to our events even more sure of their choice to support us and our work. We honestly can't wait.......

We do want to apologize to anyone (including some of our closest friends
who didn't get in after we breached capacity at around 12:45pm, but the venue owner was more concerned with maintaining a comfortable and safe environment inside for the guests who came down early than with making extra money at the door and we agree with that philosophy.

headwinds: if you leave your name on the message board at www.intimatepro.com, we can offer you and a guest free admission for our next event. we wish you could have been with us for the celebration, and we'll do everything we can to make sure you and anyone else who wants to be a part of our parties will make it through the door next time (ie we might do even less promotion, secure a bigger venue, etc.)

Thanks to all the crew, you know who you are, and again to EVERYONE who came out and represented with such class, sophistication, and style. We throw parties, but the people we get out are the ones who make our parties. It's not something we'll ever forget.

-Intimate Crew-
It's all relative really. With the lineups we've encountered over the last two events, we obviously need a venue that would hold at least 100 more people (all of whom are quality people, not random passers-by).

We think 300-600 person events provide an equally modest and intimate setting. My preference is a 2 room venue holding 300 people in each room. That way we could have more slots open to book all the virtually unknown local talent who don't get the attention and exposure they deserve.

That said, let's try to remember that Intimate is not a number or a quota. It's not that black and white. Intimacy is a feeling people have when they're with us, and it's not going anywhere considering all the gifted people we have working with us making sure of it.

-Intimate Crew-
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ah man.. what an amazin party.. the combination of music croud and venue made this party wicked!!

I wish i coulda stayed for Vise's set.. next time for sure

I think I'm not alone when I say that there should be more jams like that... 4 that is what partyin is all about!!!

shannon <---- very impressed


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Originally posted by janiecakes:
i think a number of people felt very intimate with ist during his set.
Don't you mean our set? Or was this the private show he put on afterwards? Hehehe...

Seriously though, this party was absolutely amazing and I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us, and of course a massive thanks and respect to the entire Intimate family. The crowd, vibe, and music was amazing all night... this is how it should be done.

Sorry to those who couldn't make it in, but let us know and we make sure you get in to the next one.

We'll see you again soon enough...

peace and respect,


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All I gotta say is that the ladies were in full effect, especially all the beautiful TBK ladies. I love the B-Side, the atmosphere there is awesome. Its great that you guys are getting bigger, but a shame that you'll have to leave such a nice place. I'm pissed I had to leave early but I'll definitely be at the next one for the whole 9.

I also liked Stryker and Rudeboy MC'n over Dave Saddler, I've never heard MC'n over breaks before but it went over super well.