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INTIMATE reviews


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I wasn't there, but i'm sure it was a wicked night for everyone who attended.....

So, what did you guys/girls think??
tight vibe, tight jam.... wicked party...

there was a nice mature crowd for a change... lotsa beautiful people... and wicked music by all the dj's... a nice change from the dark stuff... soulful uplifting jungle (especially terra's set)...

for $5... i could ask for nothing more...


ps. i'll be at the next jam for sure...!
Wicked party!

The first thing i noticed when i got there was the crowd... older mature crowd... no thugs! no attidutde! looked like everyone was having a good time!

all of the dj's played great sets with lots of good new tunes! all in all an amazing nite!

can't wait for the next one!
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Only 2 words to describe this party... WICKED!

Massive thanks and respect to all those who attended, and to the entire Intimate family for making this happen...

Watch for the next one in January, it promises to be something special!
I might be a little late!! But I have to say the best time I have had out in a long time!! The crowd, music and vibe were all amazing looking forward to JAN............
I know that it's waaay to late to be posting this, but the Intimate party at the B-Side was one of the best GT's I've attended.

Stryka and Rudebwoy were just slamming, and anyone could tell that they were getting the energy off the crowd. Especially Rudebwoy.

Terra should've been on the cover of the latest issue of Tribe, goddammit! In spite of all the craziness around the place, she showed grace and ability in her mixes, starting off melodic, then getting heavier by the minute. Props to the Manitoba Mistress.

Vise put on a consistent, if not too wild, set. All the best tunes. Nothing crazy.

Kinetic should give Capital J a run for the money with his scratches... okay, so he was a bit off on the "analog" sampling game, but give this kid some time and soon there will be a deathmatch of sorts at a party near you.

Big ups go to Se7en, Stryka, Rudebwoy, Janiecakes, Terra, Vise and Terra - who I saw earlier at an Audiowerks session - for a well made show.

Keep those beats rolling.
Peace out.
just to clarify, i wasn't involved in putting on this event (one of the best i've been to in a long, long time), i was just there shakin my ass all night.