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intimate productions presents: sight unseen

sight unseen is a collaboration of contemporary dance, music, and super 8 film.

haunting productions by seattle-based film maker danielle morgan along with the fresh,
modern and accessible choreography of winnipeg's coral aiken combine to create
hypnotic, mesmerizing, and evocative imagery. sight unseen seeks to examine universal
themes of absence and loneliness, love and loss, indecision and action. our obstacles,
real or imagined, are tinged in a nostalgic light.

this one hour performance will be followed by an after party featuring intimate productions'

film: danielle morgan (seattle)
dancers: marisa remple (winnipeg), heather roy (toronto)
director/choreographer: coral aiken (winnipeg)
hosts: ist, vise, RS, terra, SE7EN, nai (toronto)
venue: blue moon (seven twenty five queen st. east at broadview)
date/time: thursday, december sixth, ten pm/two am
cost: five dollars
restrictions: nineteen plus /punk ass junglists need not apply - this is for the open-minded only
info: 416.544.3502 / www.intimatepro.com


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hmmm...sounds interesting.
are cameras allowed?
also, what are they ticket prices.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Intimate Productions:

restrictions: nineteen plus /punk ass junglists need not apply - this is for the open-minded only
AHAHAHA! yeaaaaaaahhh bwwoooooyyyy! boo boo insssiiiiiideeee! LOL
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what that "punk asses need not apply" statement means for those who need an explanation: if your mind isn't open to what will basically amount to seeing a theatrical/dance performance that incorporates independent film before the music kicks in, this little experiment in pushing the envelope of the application, versatility, and adaptative qualities of drum&bass is NOT for you.

need to be upfront and brutal so as not to disappoint anyone.
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air-bag: sometimes fliers have mistakes.

for those interersted: the performance aspect of this event (super8 projector on projection screen featuring the film, 3 dancers, pre-scored music) has been bumped up to 8:45pm so that the music can fire up at 10pm sharp.



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nebu: our resident artist. he has done all of intimate's flyers for the last 2 years. you can view more of his work at http://www.massivenumedia.com and http://www.d-realm.net/

air-bag: this one does. I am hosting, not playing. when people commit to move on, they should not double back unless suffering from a serious lack of integrity. do you agree?

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