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dj velocity

TRIBE Member
damn, what an amazing event!!
The venue was perfect. Personally, I've never been to the Runyx before and the location did not disappoint.
The rumor is that Intimate has crack team of bar hoppers working long shifts in order to track down the hidden gems that TO has to offer. This was no exception.

The sound system was crisp and everyone was in good spirits to bring in the new year. Pure vibes.
I can't say enough good things!

nuff respect to the Intimate crew for inviting me to come and drop a set!!

Bass Feend

TRIBE Member
As far as I am concerned, they may as well have poured the left over liquour all over the place and burned it to the ground! Last night was on FIRE! Tight 19+ venues are the shit! No line, mad hookups all night and killer KILLER sets thrown down. Big ups to INS and SNIPER. INS for lighting the match at 12 (have to rinseout midnight at midnight)and SNIPER for feeding the fire reaching to the back of the bag for the tracks that takes ya back. Thank you INTIMATE for throwing a great jam. Try to make this more then just a New Years thing! Happy New year!


TRIBE Promoter
All I have to say about this one is:

without exception!!!

To all the Toronto Jungle folks in attendance:


To Intimate:

Thanks for bringing us the party of the year and for the Champagne!

Here's to an amazing 2002.....


TRIBE Member
The only way this could be described is as a perfect way to spend new years, it REALLY doesn't get any better than this.
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