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Interview Help!


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So, I'm about to graduate from university (Dork U) - and while I'm planning to pursue an MA in my area of interest (International Relations and Security Studies), I have an interview for a job this week.

It's as an organizational and employee development specialist at a very big corporation. I have ample experience in a professional setting, but obviously I did not major in anything related to the corporate world. The job sounds really interesting, and the pay is good (need to pay of OSAP) - so I may pass on an MA for now (I may not even get admission...who knows).

Anyway, to get to the point:

The HR people told me that the interview is 1 - 2.5 hours long!!

What should I expect, and how should I prepare.

I assume they think I'm a lot older (I'm only 22) so I'm a little nervous, they probably want an older business person. I feel qualified in terms of work experience since I worked my ass off all throughout university - but I won't even graduate until april.

Any advice is appriciated.
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What's the exact job description?
And what do you mean by 'having ample work experience in a professional setting'? Is this work experience that relates to the job you're applying for?

Usually an interview that long will be with more than one person. Sounds interesting.

I'd find out who will be interviewing you - recruiting, manager, hr?
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speed. and lots of it.

other than that - research the company and the position, come up with a bunch of questions to ask them. try to move the interview into your court - you can drive most interviews if they allow it.

HR interviews are usually bland and forced. patience is key. take your time answering questions (but don't stare into space for longer than 15 seconds).
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in my most successful interviews straight out of college, bringing in a portfolio/presentations etc. gave a concrete example of what i was talking about. good for questions like 'can you give me an example of when 'insert whatever here'......you can blab on and on, but showing your work really helped me.

plus STUDY THE COMPANY. ask relevant questions, yet not the typical questions. show you've prepared.

i work in fashion, so i always visited the stores of the companies i was interviewing with, and prepared some observations/suggestions/questions based on my visits.

good luck!



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hmm...time to stalk the company

Thanks for the tips.

The job is that of a policy developer/consultant (think of bob and bob from office space...except I'm cool and stuff ).

I have worked for the company since the end of highschool in one capacity or another. Started out as a volunteer, worked up to research student, and now office/medical/administrative clerk. I also have other experience where I did more hands on boss like stuff. Some coordinating/managing experience like stuff.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how I managed to do school work.

I guess I will research what policy analysts do in corporations, tell them about PTS reports, and so on.

I will be interviewed by two - three female workers from the HR department.


Should I wear a suit?
or just shirt/tie?