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Interstellar Fugitives


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Gerald Mitchell, aka Deacon, keyboardist and member of UR, Galaxy2Galaxy, Timeline and Los

Raphael Merriweather Jr, aka The Unknown Soldier, aka M.I.A, formerly of the Tek Brothers

Cornelius Harris, aka Atlantis, aka the Unknown Writer, UR’s main MC and member of Galaxy2Galaxy.

The mysterious Mad Mike (Mike Banks), father of UR and great pioneer Detroit’s techno scene

James Pennington, aka Suburban Knight

Milton Baldwin, aka DJ Skurge.

.... I had no idea who 'Interstellar Fugitives' were until today... and holy fak, I'm even more pumped for moo-tek!

Anybody see them do their thang yet!? heard/read any feedback ? any recorded sets ?
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Friends of mine saw Galaxy to Galaxy perform live at last year's fuse-in....they are another Live Underground Resistance band with many members from Interstellar Fugitives. I was talking with Julia from Kick Magazine and she mentioned there's a review of G2G performance on her site by Mark Quail. Check it out...