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internet connection help...

Matt Carl

TRIBE Member
hi there

some time ago i did something to xp, and it won't let me connect to my internet connection...it used to, but now it doesn't...it sort of happened without warning, my fault...

anyways, everytime i try and make a new connection, and try and connect it says opening port... and a few lines below says "error: cannot connect to destination" and in the little help thingy it says to make sure the connection exists blah blah blah

well, i've tried to see if a connection exists but somehow or another it just seems to be out of my reach...

so i turn to you tribe...suggestions?
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Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
Running high speed? Rogers? Sympatico? Other? Is it plugged in?

Gonna have to be more specific then "thingy" and "blah blah blah."

Why don't you call your ISP?

Matt Carl

TRIBE Member
sorry, that is true, more info would be nice i guess...

i am running sympatico high speed, everything is hooked up..i run two OS's...98 and xp

internet is fine and dandy on 98, but certainly not on xp

the problem is, is i don't know what i did in the first place to make it act the way it is acting...so i can't like, retrace my steps or anything...

i tried calling ISP but to no avail

i am def. confused by the error "can't find destination..." like, wtf?!?!?!
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