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Internet and browser problem


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Ok, this has been going on for over a week and I really don't know what's going on.

When I open firefox, or even IE for that matter, it takes forever for the page to load. Most of the time, when I open Mozilla (and home page is Google, but that doesn't matter), it just opens blank, nothing on it, not even telling me there was a problem connecting. So I click on the home button or any other links and I have to click like 7 times before it actually goes to the page. Then it takes forever to load.

What I have done:

~ checked system with highjackthis and spybot, nothing
~ nothing is wrong with the mouse
~ I even did a system restore back one week from when the problem started
~ uninstalled reinstalled Mozilla
~ Did a norton scan
~ I even reimaged the whole laptop

Ever since I installed utorrent this laptop has been acting up. All I am getting is mixes from the mix bowl and then I let them seed to get a good ratio, but that's what has been causing everything. I uninstalled utorrent, but laptop is still doing it.

I really need some advice with this.
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and if that fails, check that you are not being shunted through a proxy server in your browser connections settings - that is all I can think of.

Open task manager and see how much resources your browser is sucking, that might give you a clue if it is actually the browser


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not much from the browser... but you were right about the proxy... fuck, why didn't think of that?

Thanks ALEX! :) *kiss*