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International Event Listings


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I'm posting this to the House and Prog rooms.

Does anyone know a good place to get good International DJ listings for all the house / prog DJs? I'm talking India (i'll be there in Feb / Mar) and South East Asia. Or do most of the good guys stay out of there mostly? Am I going to have to satisfy myself with trashy Euro beats and terrible techno anthems?

Someone help! :)
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I have never heard of anybody playing in India. However South-east asia has strong scenes. Signapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea .... all have parties going on. Where to find listings ... who knows?


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Wicked site covering everything in KL, Singapore, Jakarta and a bit of Bali with lots of upcoming listings...if you can make it to Zouk in Singapore, do it...one of the most amazing clubs in the world. Soundsystem is unbelievable and the owner collects paintings and even has some original Warhols throughout the club.

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yeap... Zouk is a great club..everythign i read about it is only praise.. except its door price..but then again..you are in singapore.
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mikeryan, you should drop Gizmo a pm, he'd be able to tell you straight up what the score is in India (he's there now actually)