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Interesting: NHL coverage on NBC


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Have you guys been watching Colorado vs. Dallas on NBC? They have some interesting graphics during the play... not sure how helpful it is.

The one thing I noticed was a "shift timer" (I don't know what else to call it) but they have a clock that runs informing the viewer of the shift time of the star players... kind of neat, but not sure how helpful it is.

I just tuned in, and I'll see if they have any other interesting things...
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I watched the fourth game of the NY/NJ so I could laugh at Yammy, and the commentating was horrid.

Talk about homers, they were going on like it was NY that had won.

One thing Canada can do right is hockey broadcasts.
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they had a clock for Power plays for the sabres/philly game, however the idiots controling it kepts putting the power play clock under buffalo when they were shorthanded... fucking amatures.... also i couldnt listen to the local announcer on radio and mute the TV because of the delay that they have, its well over 30 seconds, and with a 30 second delay it drives you insane... fucking garbage