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interesting news about Dizzee Rascal's show


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Just talked to Martin Larner who talked to Slimzee...and apparently Slimzo is coming cross with the Raskit.

I guess I should go get some tickets :D

bare dubs are gonna be dropped...it is going to get nasty.

Slimzee is one dark dark man.
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CKLN & CHRY present
XL/Beggars’ recording artist

Every so often, a young talent emerges that's so raw and exciting, they unwittingly knock everything in their path sideways and teach those older that it's time for them to move over. East London’s Dizzee Rascal is one of them. Young, angry, articulate and frighteningly talented: 18 year-old Dizzee (aka Dylan Mills) is the voice of a brand new generation of overground-via-theunderground hip-hop/garage MCs from the U.K.

“Boy In Da Corner” is the heavily-anticipated full-length debut from the man they claim to be the future of black music in England. We are taken on a thought-provoking, at times humorous, journey through the eyes of a teenager growing up on the streets of East London. In addition to being an in-demand MC, Dizzee has become an in-demand producer, recently being tapped to work alongside The Streets, Ashanti, and Basement Jaxx. The UK press has been falling all over themselves in praise for this release. “Boy In Da Corner” is last year’s WINNER of prestigious UK Panasonic Mercury Prize.

This will be Dizzee’s North American performance debut – Toronto will be one of only two stops in North America on this tour (NYC being the other). He will be joined, on this show, by Toronto’s only UKG crew, Flirt. Helmed by DJ Sassa’le and founded in 1997, the Flirt crew host a weekly radio show “Version X-Cusion” (Sat. 8pm-10pm, CKLN 88.1 FM). Sassa’le is currently working on his first full-length CD.


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HAHA gold.

I haven't seen anything else anywhere about Slimzee coming...but Martin said he heard it straight from Slimzee himself...so who knows.
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